These Are Your Kids on Books

May 1, 2012 These Are Your Kids On Books 0

Isn’t this a great poster?  It was designed by Mike Anderick for Burning Through Pages, a Denver-based nonprofit organization dedicated to getting kids reading and talking about books.  The poster has gone viral on Facebook. You may have seen it; I’ve shared it myself. 

Burning Through Pages gives young readers free books and sponsors book clubs and one-to-one discussions with volunteers.  I would volunteer if I lived in the Denver area!  If you’d like to help out from a distance, you can donate here, through Paypal.

There are other organizations with a similar agenda scattered throughout the U.S. (and possibly elsewhere as well.)  Please consider donating your time and/or money to one of them.  To locate an organization near you, start with your local schools and public libraries. 

Here’s another wonderful poster by Mike Anderick, also designed for Burning Through Pages:

Thanks to’s GalleyCat for the images and for linking me to Burning Through Pages.

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