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Libraries Without Books?

Recently, my attention was drawn to a Boston Globe article about Cushing Academy, a New England prep school. It seems that headmaster James Tracy has made the decision to remove almost all books from the school’s library. The library will instead be a place where students can access information electronically…. Read more »


Recommended: Baker on the Kindle

Apropos of my earlier post about e-books, I recommend Nicholson Baker’s “A New Page” in The New Yorker‘s Aug. 3, 2009, edition. The article discusses e-books, e-book devices in general, and Amazon’s Kindle in particular. Baker explores the history and marketing of e-paper and the Kindle as well as his… Read more »


To e-book, or not to e-book?

I’ve been thinking a lot about e-books over the last six months: wondering when and whether I should give them a try, weighing their pros and cons. E-books do have some distinct advantages over bound books. They don’t use paper or ink, and the books themselves don’t take nearly as… Read more »