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Replacing My Print Library?

Joe Konrath, successful thriller author and promoter of self-publishing, recently blogged about getting rid of some of his [paper] books.  According to Konrath, he has replaced a number of them with e-books, and plans to replace many of the remaining books. Judging by the 150-plus comments he’s gotten, he struck… Read more »


Gatekeeping in Publishing

The Digital Reader blog has posted an interesting opinion piece on the value and role of gatekeeping in e-publishing.  The author, Rich Adin, makes an interesting point: sales rank and/or sales figures for an e-book title (particularly one with a low price point) do not necessarily correlate to number of… Read more »


E-book Sales Overtake Traditional Formats?

CNN reports that, according to an Association of American Publishers study, February’s e-book sales topped sales for “all other formats” for the first time ever.  This isn’t particularly surprising, given the number of e-reader devices and e-books currently available.  Unfortunately, the figures are less than informative.  The study depended not… Read more »