COYER Spring 2022

April 4, 2022 Challenges 7

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COYER 2022: Spring

I’m signing up for COYER 2022: Spring! The rules for the Spring season are more relaxed than those for COYER Winter 2022. Now you can read books in any format – physical books and audio CDs as well as digital books – as long as they cost less than $3 for ebooks/Kindle and under $5 for physical books and audiobooks. ARCs count, and you can now borrow library books and Amazon Prime books. However, you can’t count books from subscription services (Kindle Unlimited, Audible Plus, etc.) My goal is to read 10 qualifying books, although I hope I can read more than that!

COYER 2022: Winter wrap-up

Depending on how you look at it, I either did really well or really badly on the COYER 2022: Winter challenge. I wanted to read 6 books, and I ended up reading 21. (Go me!) However, so far, I have only written 2 of the reviews. (Boo.) You can see a detailed wrap-up, with links to my reviews, on my 2022 Reading Challenges page.


The COYER reading challenges are hosted by Michelle and Berls @ Because Reading Is More Fun, Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter and Lillian @ Mom With a Reading Problem. There are two distinct but connected challenges: Seasons and Community. You can participate in either or both. I will be participating in both. I value the COYER community and the friendships I have found there, so participating in these challenges is non-negotiable for me.

You can read the rules for all the Seasons and sign up for COYER 2022: Spring here. If you want to join the Community, you can read about that at the same link, and join the COYER Community Facebook group.

7 Responses to “COYER Spring 2022”

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      You bet! I’ve been a bit of an infrequent visitor lately, because of work, but I hope to pop in more often this month.

  1. Berls

    21 books is an absolute win in my book! I hope you’re able to get some of those reviews written though so we get to see your thoughts 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re part of our community and it really warms my heart when people say things like the challenge is “non-negotiable” because of our community. I just love it and glad so many other do too!
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