Printable dust jackets

March 19, 2012 Crafts 0

If you prefer to protect your print books while reading them (or just want to hide the cover), bloggers Sarah Enni, Tracey Neithercutt, and Erin Bowman are offering a clever series of printable dust jackets (PDF format) designed by Bowman. You download the cover(s) you want, take them to your local print store (FedEx/Kinko’s, for instance), and have the covers printed onto tabloid paper (11×17.)  There’s even a handy video tutorial on how to fold your book cover around your book.  The covers are stylish, brightly colored, and come in a range of sentiments, from “Go Away – I’m Reading” to “At Hogwarts, BRB.”  They will fit the average YA hardcover, which makes them too large for a mass market paperback.  Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from taking the print-your-own-book-cover concept and creating your own, sized to fit whatever book you’d like to protect.

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