News & Notes – 1/04/2020

January 4, 2020 News & Notes 3

Literary Losses

Marion Chesney Gibbons, who wrote the Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin cozy mystery series under the name M. C. Beaton and historical romances and mysteries as Marion Chesney, died on Dec. 30, 2019, at the age of 83.

Chesney was born in Glasgow in 1936. She married Harry Scott Gibbons, a Middle East correspondent, and had one son. Her first novels, all historical romances, began appearing 1979 under the names Anne Fairfax and Jenny Tremaine, pseudonyms she continued to use for several years. She also wrote as Helen Crampton and Charlotte Ward. Her first novel as Marion Chesney was published in 1980. As M. C. Beaton, Chesney published the first Hamish MacBeth mystery in 1985, and the first Agatha Raisin mystery in 1992; both series were adapted as TV series.

Obituaries: BBC News; The Guardian; Biographies and bibliographies: Goodreads (as M. C. Beaton); Goodreads (as Marion Chesney); Wikipedia. Author website: M. C. Beaton

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  1. Cleo @ Mysteries and Memoirs

    Wow! Just (tried to) read all about the RWA’s issues. My take, correct me if I’m wrong, is that Milan landed in hot water and was removed because she complained about racism in the romance industry. So… the whistleblower gets the can. Has happened, will happen, in other venues. Ugh, what does it show our younger females if we try to silence their complaints about unfairness in the work market. Ok, I’m done venting 🙂