News & Notes – 12/01/2018

December 1, 2018 News & Notes 4

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  • The new Doctor has a new scarf! But knitters everywhere will be disappointed: it’s fleece. (Twitter)



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4 Responses to “News & Notes – 12/01/2018”

  1. Rita @ View From the Books

    Thanks for a post that I took the time with my cup of tea (and cookies from the church’s cookie walk sale, yum) to browse through. Your holiday cozy list was fun to skim through all those names!

    Such a sad article about Linda Fairstein, both for her– if she believes in her convictions– and was so quickly stripped of her honor, but mostly for the group of boys being unruly and loud in a park, but that doesn’t mean rape. I lived in NY at the time and the news coverage was horrific to listen to; then I found out a neighbor’s son worked with the victim. Again, just so much sadness to go around.

    My son was willing to join an Innocence Project somewhere but it seems to be offered to those still in law school. He will pick up some pro bono work along the way– but first has to find a permanent FT paying job.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      That was indeed a sad article. I remember the national coverage of the case, and then the coverage when it turned out those 5 young men hadn’t done it. Rescinding the prize had to be a tough decision for the prize committee. I feel sad for everyone involved.

      Best of luck to your son. It’s tough getting started as a young lawyer these days; the son of a friend has faced similar challenges.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      LOL! I may be wrong about it being fleece. Someone on Ravelry is already working up a pattern using DK yarn worked horizontally; it should be available by the end of December. (I think fingering yarn would be better, but never mind.) She says that the original scarf is actually “machine-knit at very fine gauge, using a technique which is extremely difficult to achieve in handknitting.” I suspect future commercial replicas will be fine-gauge fleece, though, because it would be cheaper to produce.