News & Notes – 5/20/17

May 20, 2017 News & Notes 4

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  • The Star Trek: Discovery full trailer is out! And it looks really good. Plus, there’s a female captain and a female first officer, and they’re both POC. And a more diverse crew generally, as well — including aliens. I think this series is going to be worth subscribing to CBS AllAccess.


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4 Responses to “News & Notes – 5/20/17”

  1. Rita @ Paging Through Books

    I enjoyed Andi and Lory’s posts. Lory’s post I need to ruminate over to make my own list.

    Re Andi’s: As I stare down a major move again, I realize that I can’t have that personal reading room I’ve imagined all my life. I would like to, but it’s not happening. We are downsizing to a smaller home, and books are heavy to move and take up precious truck space that could go to furniture. I rely on my Kindle and my library books, and when I do buy used paperbacks at Friends of Library, I donate them back when done. This is my last major move and maybe I’ll change my mind. But there is no dedicated space for books besides one bookshelf in the bedroom.

    I know many will disagree with Andi, but I get her point. I hope to minimalize my life for my own sanity because I’m a packrat. And that even includes print books…

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Rita, I completely understand. And even though I’m in a (smallish) house and have bookcases in every room, I still need to downsize my book collection. If it’s not a book I’m likely to ever read again, maybe the universe can store it instead of me — and someone else can enjoy it. (Of course, I did buy a boxfull of books at the recent library sale… oops.)

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      It sure is. Especially for romances featuring POC characters; Kimani will be a big loss in that regard.

      When I buy new books these days, I usually buy digital unless it’s a fantasy author I’ve been collecting for a while, in which case I get hardcovers. Sometime I’ll buy trade paperbacks, but rarely mass market — and both of those I usually buy used, often at the library booksale, just to read rather than keep. I have collected so many physical books over the years; I need to prune down to the ones I really love and read over and over (which is still a lot.) For audiobooks, I usually borrow them from the library, but sometimes I buy the Audible as an add-on to the Kindle, if it’s not too expensive. And for many books, I just borrow from the library.