Christmas in Snowflake Canyon, by RaeAnne Thayne (HoHoHoRAT & COYER review)

November 11, 2013 RaeAnne Thayne, romance 11


Holiday gifts don’t always come in expected packages… especially in the town of Hope’s Crossing.

No one has ever felt sorry for Genevieve Beaumont. After all, she has everything money can buy. That is, until she discovers her fiancé has been two-timing her and she’s left with two choices: marry the philanderer to please her controlling father or be disinherited and find a means to support herself.

Genevieve’s salvation appears in the most unlikely of prospects: Dylan Caine, a sexy, wounded war vet whose life is as messy as hers. Dylan’s struggling to adjust after his time in Afghanistan, and the last thing he needs is a spoiled socialite learning about the real world for the first time. True, she may have unexpected depths and beauty to match. But he knows he could never be the man she needs…and she knows he could never be the man she thinks she wants. So why are they each hoping that a Christmas miracle willl prove them both wrong?


My favorite Hope’s Crossing story yet!  Injured and embittered war veteran Dylan Caine finally gets his own romance in Christmas in Snowflake Canyon… and for a while, it seems he’s too darn stubborn to accept it. After losing an arm and an eye in the war, Dylan may be the town’s hero, but he’s become cynical, reclusive, and completely unwilling to help out with Warrior’s Hope, the charitable rest-and-recreation program championed by his future brother-in-law, Spencer Gregory.  But that’s before he’s arrested in a bar fight started by, of all people, the mayor’s spoiled ice-princess daughter, Genevieve.  When the two are offered a plea deal — 100 hours of community service with Warrior’s Hope, and a clean record at the end of it — both Dylan and Genevieve reluctantly agree.

I’ve been waiting for Dylan’s story since I read Willowleaf Lane, the fifth book in the Hope’s Crossing series, which featured his sister Charlotte and former good friend Spencer Gregory, now the instigator behind Warrior’s Hope.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  Dylan and Genevieve each have a lot of healing and a certain amount of growing to do at the beginning of this novel.  Thayne does an excellent job of letting us into their heads, which makes both characters easier to understand and relate to to.  Genevieve’s slow transformation to a kinder, more caring and ultimately more respect-worthy character works because we see her struggle to change herself; I loved watching her become a better person, decision by sometimes difficult decision.  Dylan’s journey is compelling, too; it’s so clear that what holds him back is fear of rejection, which is something most of us can relate to even if our own scars are less obvious than Dylan’s.  The growing friendship and attraction between them is good for both of them, and while there’s a little sizzle, the romance here is mainly sweet.

All in all, Christmas in Snowflake Canyon is a heartwarming holiday romance that is sure to leave you smiling.

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Rating: 4 stars

Category: Contemporary, small-town romance
Series: Hope’s Crossing #6
Publisher: Harlequin
Release date:  
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11 Responses to “Christmas in Snowflake Canyon, by RaeAnne Thayne (HoHoHoRAT & COYER review)”

  1. Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

    This is another series that I’ve been meaning to start for awhile now. I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re a lot like Virgin River, so it looks like I’ll be checking to see if the library has this one. I feel so bad for the author though (I follower her on Facebook) and she just lost her father 37 days after losing her mom. But she’s stated that her readers are helping her through it 🙂

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      I’ve been enjoying these. I don’t think they’re quite as emotionally deep or compelling as the early Virgin River books, but they have a similar small-town feel, and they’re warm, comforting reads, which I definitely need at times. I keep imagining Hope’s Crossing as a blend of Creed and Ouray (both of which I’ve visited.)

  2. Rita_h

    Thanks for sharing this review. I haven’t read anything by this author yet, but this book sounds like a heartwarming one for the holiday season. I might check her out soon.