This Week’s Articles — 10/07 to 10/13/12

October 13, 2012 self-publishing 0

“National Book Awards: Genre fiction dissed again”.  A well written article on the tendency of literary awards (and literary critics and readers of literary fiction generally) to ignore even superlative fiction if it falls within a genre such as mystery/crime fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and so forth.  (Laura Miller, Salon) 

“Oyster gets $3M to become the Spotify of books” or maybe the Netflix.  The startup plans to set up a digital subscription library of ebooks, both classics and current books.  It’s a terrific idea, if they can (a) get publishers to go along with it, (b) offer enough titles, (c) serve the major ebook formats, and (d) offer tiered pricing depending on how many books a reader is likely to read in a month, so readers who only read one book aren’t paying the same as readers who devour 10 or 20 books.  I’m more than a little dubious about (a), though, given the prices publishers are charging public libraries for ebooks. (Ryan Kim, Gigacom)

“The e:book: deja vu all over again?” examines the similarities and differences between the current publishing revolution and the one sparked by serial publication of Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers. (Phil Dwyer, Tech Crunch) 

“Why the Canadian E-Book Market Lags Behind the U.S.; E-Books up to 16% of Canadian Book Market” (Digital Book World)

“Around the world, no set rules for ebook pricing or digital reading” discusses global vs. local ebook trends. (Laura Hazard Owen, paidContent)

“Buy Button Hardball: Amazon Threatens to Delist Pubs Again”  The Shelf Awareness blog reports that Amazon wants publishers of oversize and “coffee-table” books to ship them in single boxes (because customers complain and return scuffed or edge-dented books) — and is giving publishers only a week or two to comply or have their “buy” buttons deactivated on Amazon.

“Amazon’s Jeff Bezos admits Kindles are sold at cost”. (Dan Farber at C|Net, reporting on a BBC interview with Bezos.)  This is news?

“Target Signs New Deal with Barnes & Noble”  Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader reports that Nooks are only e-readers now sold by his local Target.

“Momentum Building Among Indie Bookstores Around Kobo-ABA Deal” (Digital Book World)

If you are thinking of self-publishing (or have already done so), read “Help! My Book Isn’t Selling. 10 Questions You Need To Answer Honestly If You Want To Sell More Books” (Joanna Penn on The Creative Penn blog).  It’s a straightforward guide to what matters in selling your book(s).

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered “Why Are College Textbooks So Expensive?”, Joseph Esposito of The Scholarly Kitchen has some answers.
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