Sunday Post – 2/16/14

February 16, 2014 Sunday Post 21

The Sunday Post is a meme sponsored by the wonderful Kimba, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  It’s a chance to share news.  A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

I was a little under the weather this week, and I had a backlog of non-blogging tasks to get through as well; that and the snow conspired to make me miss several posts midweek, but I’m back now.

Photo © K. Pekar

We got enough snow to keep Mr. Bookwyrm home on Thursday and Friday. With Monday a federal holiday, that means he’s getting a nice little mini-vacation!  

On Monday, we’re driving up to New Jersey  to watch our niece compete in Irish dance. She’s a former national champion, and I’ve seen her dance with her teacher’s company (Belisama Dance Company), but we’ve never been able to get to a competition before. Her teacher has several other students in the competition as well. My sister, brother-in-law, and parents are there, so it will be a chance to see my family, too.

Last week on the blog: 

The coming week:

  • Mon. 2/17: The Shadow Throne, by Jennifer Nielsen (early review)tentative
  • Tues. 2/18: Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader (Top Ten Tuesday) 
  • Wed. 2/19: A Taste Fur Murder, by Dixie Lyle (early review)
  • Thur. 2/20: The Chance, by Robyn Carr (early review)
  • Fri. 2/21:  TBD
  • Sat. 2/22:  News & Notes – 2/22/14

Added to the hoard:   

(Click image for Goodreads page.)

For review:

The White Magic Five and Dime (a Tarot Mystery) courtesy of Midnight Ink!

Kindle books, purchased and free:

Cinder came down to $2.99, so I had to grab it, even though I’ve already read it.

Have a great week!

21 Responses to “Sunday Post – 2/16/14”

  1. Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic

    For a moment I was excited that it was Cress on sale (still too early in the morning, I guess…LOL) I did get a few of the other books you show though. Our snow looked very similar) even down to the trees! I need to go check out all the books you show…

    Have fun watching your niece compete in Irish dance and getting to see family, too. Hope your week is fun!

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      I loved Cinder, which is why I went ahead and bought it even though I’d read the library copy last winter. I’ve got Scarlet sitting on my nightstand and I’m on the library waiting list for Cress!

  2. Bea

    A Taste Fur Murder looks really good.

    I have a cousin who also does Irish Step dancing competitions; good luck to your niece, and I hope you and your husband are enjoying the unplanned vacation. 😀

  3. Susan

    I got THE CHANCE from the publisher the other day and am really excited to read it. I love Robyn Carr. Hope you enjoy (enjoyed?) it!

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      I did enjoy it – maybe not as much as the first and third books in the series, but I liked it. Virgin River still holds first place in my heart when it comes to Robyn Carr settings, but I’m really liking Thunder Point.

  4. Stephanie Shepherd

    I picked up Cinder at the library last weekend – haven’t started yet but it looks fantastic. Ahhh Snow days. I vaguely remember what those were like, growing up in VA. In the 8 years I’ve lived in Iowa, I’ve seen more snow than I ever thought possible and not a single day of work closure. Sigh…. I miss the south. Actually we are supposed to get a big storm tonight and an all day meeting that had participants from around the state for has been cancelled for tomorrow which is kind of like a snow day because I desperately needed a day in the office. Which… just sounds pathetic:) Hope you have a good week!

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      The south has no idea how to handle snow. To be fair, we don’t usually get much, so it’s not worth it to local and state governments (and individuals) to invest in enough equipment to handle it without lots of closures. But it can get ridiculous, especially when they close schools based on a forecast that doesn’t materialize (i.e., we don’t get any snow.)

  5. Peggy Farooqi

    That’s quite a book haul for you, happy reading! Love the snow picture. I know you ‘ve probably had enough of it now, we didn’t get any snow this winter.

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      Yes, I don’t usually buy that many books (except at library book sales)! I’m sorry you didn’t get any snow – or are you glad? I’ve enjoyed what we got, but I’m almost ready for spring to come now.