Sunday Post – 6/14/2020

June 14, 2020 Sunday Post 20

The Sunday Post is hosted by the wonderful Kimberly, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, recap the past week, take a look ahead, and showcase our new treasures—I mean books!

Last Week

Other than some knitting and a little spinning, I didn’t get much accomplished this week. But I continued to follow news reports and commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement, had some good discussions with family members on the phone, and attended a virtual meeting of my local Spinners and Weavers Guild meeting on Saturday morning — the first one I’ve been able to attend since February. The group has also started holding a virtual “Sip ‘n’ Craft” evening once a week, so I’m hoping to join them this week.

Despite the easing of restrictions, my husband and I continue to be very cautious about going anywhere we might encounter other people. Few people around here seem to be wearing masks, and the prevailing attitude among people who are out and about seems to be that they aren’t worried… which worries me. Case numbers are still climbing in our state, even in our semi-rural county.

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This Week on the Blog

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What I’m Reading/Watching

Reading: Honestly, my main reading this week has been news and commentary, but I did read some books. I finished rereading The Little White Horse (Elizabeth Goudge), which I reviewed back in 2013. I read Tracey Livesay’s forthcoming Like Lovers Do (ARC) for the COYER Quarantine Diversity Readathon, because a friend has been recommending her for years. And I started Riviera Gold (ARC) by Laurie R. King. The Book of Dragons, a fantasy anthology (ARC), has been mostly on hold this week, but I did manage to read one or two stories. (Click titles to view on Goodreads.)

Listening: Since I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a week ago, I should be listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But it’s my least favorite of the Harry Potter books, mostly because I loathe Umbridge so much, and given everything that’s going on, I just couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for starting it. So I decided to take a short break from Harry, and instead I’m listening to Lingo, a nonfiction book about European languages.

Watching: We haven’t watched much this week other than news and late-night comedy, but we did squeeze in an episode or two of Warehouse 13, Season 4.

Added to the Hoard

For Review or Review Consideration

Many thanks to Kensington for Tea and Treachery! (Click title for Goodreads link.)

Purchased (Kindle, print, or audio)

There were too many good sales this week! Plus, I bought some books to further my personal anti-racism journey. My mom recommended Song in a Weary Throat, which she recently finished reading. And as I sometimes do, I took advantage of Amazon’s Audible Match program — when you buy a Kindle book, you can sometimes buy the Audible edition for much less than Audible’s usual cost. We don’t subscribe to Audible’s monthly program, but we have a small-but-growing Audible library purchased this way.

Print: Kindle (sale): Poirot Investigates; Minor Mage; The Black God’s Drums; Me and White Supremacy; This Side of Murder; Once Ghosted, Twice Shy; Blanca & Roja; The Richmond Thief; Song in a Weary Throat; Blood Rites. Audiobooks (Audible,, or Chirp): Me and White Supremacy; Song in a Weary Throat (Audible via Amazon); The Secret of Chimneys (Chirp). (Click title for Goodreads page or my review.)

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind… and may you find books a haven in the coming weeks.

20 Responses to “Sunday Post – 6/14/2020”

  1. Vi @Inkvotary

    I am worried too about how some people behave. But I do as asked by the rules and think that it will be only for a short period of time compared to my life in general. And if it keeps me safe and healthy and others too, I will do it. Thank you for sharing all the books with us. Stay safe and well, and happy reading.
    Vi @Inkvotary recently posted…Weekly Book Wrap-Up #120 – Strawberry TimeMy Profile

  2. Michelle@BecauseReading

    I tend to not watch too much TV on the weekends but still scroll through twitter to find out all that is going on. Sadly I am still around many people that just don’t get it.

    My husband and I are still making sure to stick with our rules of only going out when we need too. I don’t think everything was ready to open yet. They are acting like it just went away.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Lark! Happy Reading! xx

  3. Angela

    I went to the store for the first time in a couple months yesterday, and it seemed like everyone was wearing masks, so that was good, although my husband says there are still people at the grocery store without them.

  4. Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

    I spy Jim Butcher… i love the Dresden Files. Yes, we are being cautious too, we venture out for supplies only when needed. While cases in our state are going down, our county is rising since its the most populated in the entire state.

  5. Lark

    I worry when other people seem completely unworried about COVID-19, too. The governor in our state keeps pleading with people to wear masks when they’re out around other people…and a lot do…but there’s too many who don’t. That’s a lot of fun new Kindle books you’ve got! Happy reading. 😀
    Lark recently posted…No Man’s Land by Sara DriscollMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Yes, there are just too many who don’t. I’m afraid a lot of people are going to have to either get really sick, or have a family member or close friend get really sick, before they take it seriously.

      I did go on a bit of a Kindle binge this week!

  6. Nicole @ BookWyrmKnits

    Looks like you have some great books that you added to the hoard this week! I have also added many new books over the past week or two.

    We are also staying home as much as possible even though restrictions are easing in my area. Cases aren’t dropping, so it still doesn’t feel safe to go out and pretend life is normal again. I hope you stay safe!
    Nicole @ BookWyrmKnits recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday ~ Summer 2020 TBRMy Profile

  7. Greg

    I keep hearing the same thing everywhere- that people aren’t wearing masks and are not taking the pandemic that seriously anymore. And I’m seeing the same thing here. It is worrisome and a little frustrating, honestly! And same- we’re still being very careful and trying not to go out unless absolutely necessary.

    Sip n Craft sounds great!

    I think Tea & Treachery looks fun. And so does This Side Murder. For some reason I always like the covers of those .

    Be well and safe! 🙂
    Greg recently posted…Tuesday Tagline #194My Profile

  8. Greg

    I think my comment got swallowed up by spam but just wanted to say I agree about the masks and whatnot- I’m seeing the same things around here. LEt’s hope things don’t get too worse! And I love those Huber covers.

    Be well this week!
    Greg recently posted…Tuesday Tagline #194My Profile

  9. Katherine

    Masks are about 50/50 here though and we just aren’t going out that much. More then we were but much much less then normal. I’m glad that things are opening up because I know this has been so financially devastating for so many people but I do wish people would be more cautious in general. I was so tempted by that Delaney but was good and restrained myself though I’m regretting that! Hope you’re having a great week!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Yes, I agree. And I think we could open at least some businesses with much less danger if everyone wore a mask. I mean, anything where people gather together (like restaurants) is still going to be a problem, and the longer they are there and/or the more people, the riskier it is… but masks really do help.

      I couldn’t quite resist the Vicki Delany mystery. I mean, it’s tea!

  10. RO

    I love that you dare to talk about what’s uncomfortable to talk about.Bravo! It saddens me that so many people don’t understand. I’m a follower of Ryan Serhant from the Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, and his wife Emilia, who happen to be millionaires and very funny. When they shared their feelings and support on Black Lives Matter, it was shocking to see how many people turned on them! She bravely responded back to many of the hateful posts with such grace and humor.Many of the books you’ve posted I haven’t heard of, but I definitely need to check out. I just finished a thriller called The Eighth Sister by Robert Dugoni, and my goodness it was like a real rollercoaster ride. Like you, I’ve been watching many news stations and getting news via email because I need to hear what people are saying and feeling. Continue to stay safe! Hugs, RO

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you, RO. I haven’t been brave about speaking up in the past, and that fills me with shame, but also a determination to do better. I used to assume that treating people as equals, with respect, was enough, but it’s not — not when the systems that benefit me are at the same time unfairly hurting other people solely because of the color of their skin.

      I’ve heard of Robert Dugoni, but never read any of his books. I tend to shy away from a lot of thrillers because they can sometimes be a bit too dark for me, but maybe I should give his books a try. They are certainly very popular!