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September 25, 2016 Sunday Post 14

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My Week

The National Book Festival in DC and the Baltimore Book Festival are both this weekend…and I didn’t have the time to go to either of them. Pfooey! Instead, I’m home trying to get all my ducks in a row for my choruses. We start rehearsals on Oct. 2, and I’m still scrambling to find an accompanist for one of the groups, and trying to finalize the music. (I’m usually a little better prepared than this, but there were complications this year having nothing to do with me.)

On the plus side, one more index down, two to go by mid October. And I’ve got one booked for November and one for December. I’m really pleased to be so much in demand, even if it does cut into my blogging time. *winks*


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What I’m Reading/Watching

I reached my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal for 2016! A whole three-and-a-half months early! Granted, I did it by doing a lot of re-reading — 89 of the 180 books I’ve read are books I’ve read before, which means they went faster. And two others were coloring books I reviewed (but didn’t color.) But it’s still an achievement — and I have three months to fit in more new-to-me books as well as add to the total number read. I guess I’d better set the bar a little higher next year!

I read Emily March’s Christmas in Eternity Springs (ARC) this week. I do love that series! Other than that, well… lots of work=stress=I turn to rereading. So I reread Mercedes Lackey’s first two Herald Spy novels (I finished the ARC of book 3, Closer to the Chest, a week or two ago.)  And now I’m rereading the Arrows trilogy; it was Lackey’s debut series and still one of my favorites. I’m also rereading A Discovery of Witches for the Real-Time Read-Along. It’s been tough to stick with just a chapter or two a day—when I start reading, I tend to plow right ahead and ignore chapter divisions! I did get ahead on Thursday night, but I backed up on Friday and reread just that day’s chapter to get myself back on track. I need to get back to  Shades of Milk and Honeythe first in the Glamourist Histories by Mary Robinette Kowal (purchased.)

I’m still listening to Made in America by Bill Bryson.  And I’m still working my way through the the Poirot mysteries starring David Suchet; we watched Appointment with Death and Three Act Tragedy this week.


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14 Responses to “Sunday Post – 9/25/16”

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Yes, it’s nice to be offered enough work that I actually have to turn some down (though I wish I could squeeze it all in!) Yeah, I went overboard on the re-reads this year, for reasons. (See my reply to Berls’ comment.) Congratulations on hitting your GR goal – well done! And thanks for the good wishes. It’s so much fun working with the kids!

  1. Berls

    Good for you, being in demand! A good feeling I’m sure 🙂 wow, I haven’t read more than 3 reread a this year I don’t think… Maybe 4. But u also must read much faster than I do – as my goal is only 150 books and I’m behind. Start reading for my goal now that you’re done with yours 😉 have a great week and good luck with your choruses!
    Berls recently posted…Sunday Post | Pissy WeekMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I do read quickly, but even more so when I’m reading a book I’ve read before. 🙂 I went kind of overboard on re-reading this year, with two extended re-reading binges. The first one was brought on by losing both an aunt and an uncle within a month; I did a lot of escape- and comfort-reading for several months. To be honest, I’m not sure what kicked off the second round, except too much work. Thanks for the good wishes with the choruses! I’m excited to get started; I always love working with “my kids.”

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I hope you get a chance to read A Discovery of Witches at some point, because it’s really good. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re having a good week too!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      The Imitation Game was wonderful! You should definitely watch it. I spent yesterday and today working on the music and just finalized the music choices about 1/2 an hour ago, so that’s one thing to check off my to-do list! I’m sure that the rest of it will work out, too. Are there any books you’d really like to re-read someday? Maybe you could squeeze a few in next year. 🙂

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I sing in my church choir and in a community chorus that sings the great composers; we’re doing several Vaughn Williams pieces this fall. But I also direct two community choruses, one for children and one for teens. That’s what I’ve been working on this week — getting the music lined up and sending out publicity to get kids signed up. Thanks for the good wishes!

  2. Got My Book

    Citizen of the Galaxy is an interesting one. It is really more like a trilogy of novellas than a single book, since the various parts take place in such different settings. I think the middle part is my favorite.