Belated Sunday Post – June 29, 2021

June 29, 2021 Sunday Post 4

The Sunday Post is hosted by the wonderful Kimberly, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, recap the past week, take a look ahead, and showcase our new treasures—I mean books!

My Week

The play reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on June 20 was a lot of fun. I got to read both Puck and Hippolyta. The women reading Hermia and Helena have acted together before, so their interchanges were really well done.

We celebrated Mr. Bookwyrm’s birthday this week, though we’ll celebrate it again with family (via Zoom) at a later date. I made him a cake, which I had to ice after midnight because… (see next paragraph)

I spent Thursday through Sunday (June 24-27) at Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association’s online conference, taking classes on spinning. It was a wonderful experience, but exhausting! I learned a lot in a short time. The classes were two hours each, and pretty fast-paced. I will be taking some time over the next couple of weeks to review the class videos and do the practice exercises at my own pace. That works out well, since Tour de Fleece (TdF) began on Saturday. TdF is an impromptu spinning challenge that takes place during the Tour de France each year. Some spinners watch the Tour de France while they spin yarn, but most of us just spend some time each day spinning, either for a specific project or for a specific amount of time. I’m just trying to get back into the habit of spinning every day.

Anyway, the conference, and the resulting exhaustion, are why I haven’t posted until today. (Well, that and the fact that my scheduled posts aren’t actually posting, which is a problem I need to solve.) Sorry I wasn’t around on Sunday or Monday; I’ll be doing some blog visiting over the next few days.

Recent Posts

Looking Ahead

What I’m Reading/Watching

Reading: I’m still very scattered in my reading, but I did manage to finish A Scot to the Heart (Caroline Linden; ARC). I enjoyed it so much that I bought the first book in the series, About a Rogue… and liked it just as much, or better.

Now I am rereading Beauty (Robin McKinley), and reading The Menopause Manifesto. (I borrowed the latter from the library, and ended up buying a copy so that I could mark and highlight. You should see how many Post-It notes are bristling from the pages!)

I plan to start reading Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir) before I have to return it to the library. Then I will try to get back to all the other books I’m in the middle of!

Listening to: I listened to The Anatomist’s Wife, the first book in a series I have been meaning to read for a while. I enjoyed it very much, even though I spotted the murderer somewhere around 25-30% into the book… and even though the heroine (due to pride, stubbornness, and the wish to spare her family worry) made some monumentally stupid decisions. I promptly bought the third and fourth audiobooks through Amazon’s Audible Kindle Match program, but the second book in the series, Mortal Arts, is not discounted. Now I’m trying to decide whether to just read my Kindle copy, or splurge on the full-price audiobook. Given that I will be spinning this week, I’m leaning toward the second option.

I also listened to some podcasts, including Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Twenty Thousand Hertz, and The SheepSpot Podcast.

Watching: We watched Apollo 13 for the fourth or fifth time — such a good movie!

Added to the Hoard

Library Haul

Library books: Legacy

Purchased (Kindle, print, or audio)

Print: The Menopause Manifesto.

Kindle: A Killing Frost; A Murderous Relation; The Bargain; An Earl, The Girl, and a Toddler; About a Rogue. (Click title for Goodreads page.)

Audiobooks: The Anatomist’s Wife (on sale from Chirp); A Grave Matter; A Study in Death (Kindle Audible Match purchases.) (Click title for Goodreads page.)

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind… and may you find books a haven in the coming weeks.

4 Responses to “Belated Sunday Post – June 29, 2021”

  1. Katherine

    Happy birthday Mr. Bookwyrm! I’ve enjoyed Anna Lee Huber’s Lady Darby series but I’m not shocked that she is a bit too stubborn to see the real killer in the first book. I think she’s gotten more relaxed in the later books but she’s got some of the tendencies. I have Legacy on my library list and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m glad the conference was fun even if it was exhausting. Hopefully you’re able to get some rest.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Oh, I’m glad she gets a little better in terms of the stubborness. It bugs me when heroines pull that TSTL stuff (“too stupid to live”) in the course of their investigations. I mean, you know there’s a murderer around, and you think going off on your own is a good idea? But I got where she was coming from, even when I thought she was making bad decisions. I just hope she becomes a little more sensible regarding her own safety, as time goes on. 😀