“Tuesdays at the Castle” by Jessica Day George

April 1, 2012 Jessica Day George, Tuesdays at the Castle 0

Category: Children’s fantasy

Book source: Public library
“Whenever Castle Glower became bored, it would grow a room or two.”  So begins Jessica Day George’s charming fairy tale, Tuesdays at the Castle, and from whimsical first sentence to suspenseful climax, the book is a gem.  Eleven-year old Celie, the protagonist, is King Glower the 79th’s fourth and youngest child, and Castle Glower loves her.  When the king and queen disappear while on a journey to see their eldest son graduate from the College of Wizardry, Celie, her sister Lilah, and their brother Rolf, the 14-year-old Crown Prince, find themselves facing a growing threat — to Rolf, to the Castle, and to the Kingdom.  But the Royal children will do whatever it takes to defend Castle Glower and themselves — with the Castle’s help. 
Jessica Day George combines whimsy, humor, mystery, and a dash of danger to concoct a truly delightful and original tale.  I’d highly recommend it to readers of all ages; it would also make a terrific choice for reading aloud.  Ages 8 and up. 
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