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Book-A-Minute purports to offer “ultra-condensed” versions of the classics you know you should have read, along with an extensive selection of SF/Fantasy and children’s books, so that you can read them in considerably less time than the full-length version would require.  In fact, this is a humor site, strictly for fun, and “ultra-condensed” is a pretty accurate description  Here’s their version of Pride and Prejudice:

Mr. Darcy:  Nothing is good enough for me.

Ms. Elizabeth Bennet: I could never marry that proud man.

(They change their minds.)

That’s it; the book in a nutshell.  And what marvelous nutshells!  Go on, try it.  Head on over to Book-A-Minute’s website and look at some of your favorites.  I challenge you to get through three of them without laughing.  (You might start with their The Collected Works of e. e. cummings.    The Hobbit, while probably the longest, is a hoot.  And James Herriot’s children’s book, Only One Woof, is a marvel of brevity.)

The same people, incidentally, also have a website called Movie-A-Minute.

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