Introduction; or, Why on Earth Am I Doing This?

July 6, 2009 Uncategorized 2

I love books. My house is full of bookshelves, and the shelves are full of books: children’s books, YA, mysteries, fantasy and science fiction, history, reference books, textbooks… There are books in the bedrooms, books in the living room, books in the kitchen, books in the basement. I’ve made a valiant attempt at containing them over the years, but somehow, the hoard just keeps growing. We started homeschooling a few years ago, which has only made the problem worse. (Ah! A new excuse to buy books!) This year our family decided, for economic and ecological reasons, to curb our book-buying habit and make more use of the library. We now have, in addition to the books we already had and the two large tote bags full of books bought (in spite of our vow) at the Friends of the Library sale, a shelf dedicated to housing all the library books we borrow each month.

My daughter and I are book addicts. We never go anywhere without a book. I got hooked on books while spending an otherwise boring week recovering from a tonsillectomy in early childhood. My daughter was hooked even earlier; we started reading to her before she could speak. I still read to her, though she’s been reading on her own for many years now. It’s one of the most treasured parts of our day.

Some years ago, we discovered audio books. What a great invention! Now I can “read” while I’m driving, out walking, or working out at the gym. (The latter is still theoretical, as I hardly ever have time to go to the gym.) My daughter listens to audio books at night, before she goes to sleep. She can quote long sections of her favorites from memory.

This blog is born out of a desire to share my love of books and the books that I love. Occasionally I may post a recommendation or review by a guest reviewer, but for the most part, the opinions expressed will be my own. You’ll find reviews of many kinds of books, from children’s books to fiction and nonfiction for adults, as well as thoughts and comments on topics related to books, from e-book technology to the occasional movie review. One caveat: posts will be erratic, so check back periodically to see if there’s anything new.

I hope you’ll be inspired to read something new or revisit an old favorite!

2 Responses to “Introduction; or, Why on Earth Am I Doing This?”

  1. Daniela

    oh… I love this post! Having your daughter listen to audio books is a great idea! I’ll start doing that with my kids 🙂

    Glad you loved blogging so much six years later you are still enjoying it!

    Happy 6th blogversary!!!
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