WIP Wednesday – 09/18/2019

September 18, 2019 WIP Wednesday 3

WIP Wednesday (for “Work In Progress”) is a meme where we share our current fibery projects. It was started by Nicole @ Book-Wyrm-Knits, who also reviews books at book-wyrm-reads


Handspun yarn from Black Welsh Mountain wool.

I finished spinning and plying the Black Welsh Mountain wool. The fleece is a brownish or reddish black, which is the sheep’s natural color. There’s a little white wool mixed in, probably also a natural part of the sheep’s fleece. The yarn came out a bit scratchy, which didn’t surprise me because the wool is described as being durable and best for outerwear. I’m not sure what I will make with the finished yarn. I was thinking about a tea cozy, but there’s still a lanolin/sheepy smell to the wool, and while I rather enjoy the scent, it’s not what I want when I’m having tea.


Tilly’s Blanket for my niece – about 1/3 completed.

The blanket for my new baby niece is coming along; I’ve knit about 1/3 of it so far. I’ve been knitting while watching TV; over the last few weeks, it was the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions) and then the Hobbit trilogy (also extended editions.) Last week, I discovered I had made some errors–I left out one of the three holes in several of the eyelet hearts. I had to frog* about 3.5 or 4 inches of it, painstakingly pick up over 150 stitches, and reknit the ripped-out rows (making sure to avoid errors this time!) That was frustrating (there may have been tears and swearing.) But it’s all fixed now.

3 Responses to “WIP Wednesday – 09/18/2019”

  1. Anne - Books of My Heart

    I hate frogging and redoing. It usually means a delay until I can forget my investment of time and then do the frog and redo. Good luck – it looks great.

    I have done no knitting since about April or May. I am doing some quilting and sewing and we are getting set up to do some projects (daughter and me). I am really getting there.
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  2. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

    I really need to try knitting again. My granny taught me some basic stitches when I was young that I remember to this day but I’ve never learned how to read a knitting pattern!
    The baby blanket is very pretty.