Blog Ahead Challenge 2016!

August 30, 2016 Challenges 4

Blog Ahead 2016-Oct


It’s time for Blog Ahead again, and wow, do I need it! I’ve pretty much used up any cushion I had, and I’m scrambling to get even a few posts a week up. But there’s too much else going on in my life to feel comfortable with that, so… Blog Ahead to the rescue!



Begins– Oct 1
Ends– Oct 31


Who Can Join

Anyone who has a blog.

Blog genre/topic doesn’t matter.

You can be a reviewer or an author, brand new, been at it for years, etc.

Everyone is welcome!



 The goal is to hunker down for the month of October and increase the number of scheduled posts you have by 30.

Ex. On Oct 1st if you have 5 posts scheduled, you would then need to end the month with 35 posts scheduled. Whatever number you’re starting with, just add 30 to get your final goal.


Spread the Word

Create a blog post! Let people know you’ve joined the challenge (the more the merrier, right?)!

You can post any time from now until the challenge starts.

This can be your goals, what type of posts you want to focus on and during the challenge it’s a great way to update your progress 🙂


We’ll use #BlogAhead2016 for the hashtag.


My Goals

Basically, I just want to get ahead. 30 posts may be stretching it, but anything I get is better than where I am now! I don’t want most of them to be “filler” posts, though; I want to write reviews and discussion posts and maybe a few how-to posts. I’ll be brainstorming some of those during September. I’ll probably also prepare some “In the Dragon’s Eye” posts, too, because there are some great books coming out between now and February. And I’ll set up my weekend posts (News & Notes and Sunday Post) as much as I can, given that the content really relies on what happens during the week.

Join Us!

Want to get ahead with your blog posts? Hop on over to Anna’s post, sign up, and join in!

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