Blog Ahead Challenge – October 2019

September 27, 2019 Challenges 5

I’m joining the October Blog Ahead challenge, hosted by Anna of Herding Cats & Burning Soup. (The challenge signup is also on her The Herd Presents site.)

The challenge runs from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31, 2019.The goal is to end the month with 31 finished, scheduled posts. That doesn’t count posts which go live during October, so in practice, the challenge means keeping up with your current schedule and adding 31 additional posts for future months. That lets you get a whole month or more ahead, depending on your blog schedule—or create some “anytime” posts that you can pull out and reschedule as needed.

I’ll be honest: I know I will never in a million years get 31 posts ahead, especially with everything else I’ve got going on in October plus dealing with the learning curve that is Gutenberg. But that’s OK. As Anna says, “It’s okay if you don’t make it to the full 31 posts. Getting ahead by any number is a good thing!” So my personal goal is 10 posts ahead, which right now would be HUGE. If I can get more than that done, so much the better.

The challenge is open to anyone with a blog. Not just book blogs, but any blog. So if you blog, and you wish you had a cushion of posts already completed, challenge yourself and come join the fun! There’s a Facebook group, too.

5 Responses to “Blog Ahead Challenge – October 2019”

  1. Angela

    I really need to do something like this! I feel like in years past I had many scheduled posts, but now I’m only down to a couple. It would be nice to get a lot of stuff done for the end of the year.

  2. Nicole @ BookWyrmKnits

    This is a great idea. I won’t be joining in officially, though I regularly have at least 15-20 blogs scheduled in advance. I guess I don’t feel I need a challenge to do something I do on a regular basis anyway? But I highly recommend scheduling blog posts in advance if that’s your blogging style. It takes off so much of the pressure.
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