March 2022 Wrap-Up

April 11, 2022 Challenges, Monthly Wrap-Up 3

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Books Read – March 2022

  1. The Wounded Sky (Star Trek) (Diane Duane) – reread
  2. Go Hex Yourself (Jessica Clare) – ARC
  3. Under Lock and Skeleton Key (Secret Staircase Mystery #1) (Gigi Pandian) – ARC
  4. Carry On (Mysterious Powers #1) (Celia Lake)
  5. The Fossil Door (Mysterious Powers #2) (Celia Lake)
  6. Eclipse (Mysterious Powers #3) (Celia Lake) – reread
  7. Fool’s Gold (Mysterious Powers #4) (Celia Lake)
  8. The Hare and the Oak (Mysterious Powers #5) (Celia Lake)
  9. Sailor’s Jewel (Charms of Albion #2) (Celia Lake)
  10. Pastiche (Charms of Albion #1) (Celia Lake)
  11. After the Funeral (Poirot #3) (Agatha Christie) – reread
  12. Outcrossing (Mysterious Charm #1) (Celia Lake)
  13. Goblin Fruit (Mysterious Charm #2) (Celia Lake)
  14. Magician’s Hoard (Mysterious Charm #3) (Celia Lake)
  15. Wards of the Roses (Mysterious Charm #4) (Celia Lake)
  16. Friends, Foes, and Lovers (Cynster Next Generation #11) (Stephanie Laurens)
  17. Smith of Wooton Major (J. R. R. Tolkien) – audiobook; reread
  18. In the Cards (Mysterious Charm #5) (Celia Lake)
  19. Daughter of the Deep (Rick Riordan) – audiobook
  20. On the Bias (Mysterious Charm #6) (Celia Lake)
  21. Seven Sisters (Mysterious Charm #7) (Celia Lake)
  22. Winter’s Charms (three Albion novellas) (Celia Lake)
  23. Unexplored Territory (Mysterious Charm #6.5; novelette) (Celia Lake)
  24. Tea & Meetings (Mysterious Powers #3.3; collection of stories) (Celia Lake)


These are the books I read for various challenges, but I have not written or posted all the reviews yet, so they won’t all show up on my 2022 Challenges tracking page. All title links go to my reviews.

Goodreads Challenge 2022: 24 books in March (titles listed above.) By the end of March, I was 11 books ahead of schedule for my yearly goal of 175 books.

22 in 2022: 0 books; however, I did continue listening to Index, a History of the. I have read 2 of the 22 books on my list so far.

Audiobook Challenge 2022: 2 books (Smith of Wooton Major; Daughter of the Deep.) I have listened to a total of 6 audiobooks toward my goal of 10-15 audiobooks.

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022: 2 books (Smith of Wooton Major; After the Funeral.) Both were books I have read before, but so long ago that they count: I last read Smith of Wooton Major nearly 40 years ago and After the Funeral about 20-25 years ago, and in both cases, I had forgotten nearly everything. I have read a total of 6 books toward my goal of 24.

COYER Winter 2022: 9 books (Go Hex Yourself; Under Lock and Skeleton Key; After the Funeral; Outcrossing; Goblin Fruit; Magician’s Hoard; Smith of Wooton Major; Unexplored Territory; Tea & Meetings)

Library Love 2022: 1 books (Daughter of the Deep) I have read 5 books toward my goal of 12 library books.

Read Christie 2022: 1 books (After the Funeral.) So far, I’m keeping up with the challenge.

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