Ways to Celebrate Children’s Book Week

May 13, 2013 Holiday, Miscellany 4

Obviously, the very best way to celebrate Children’s Book Week is by reading children’s books!  If you have children of your own (or you can borrow your nieces and nephews, or babysit for a friend), try reading one or more of your childhood favorites aloud to them.  Use different voices for each character, and have fun!  If you’re on your own, there’s no reason you can’t revisit a few of those treasured books by yourself.  The really great children’s books are ageless.

If you’d like to jazz up your week a bit, here are a few more ways to celebrate Children’s Book Week:

  • Bake a book-themed cake or cupcakes.  For more fantastic book cakes, check out my “Book confections” board on Pinterest.  
  • Throw a party!  Choose a favorite book or series, or keep it wide open.  Have everyone come in costume.  Use your imagination (or Google) to come up with related food, games and activities.


Bookmarks made with ribbon, ribbon clamps, a jump ring and a single earring.
  • Create your own bookmarks.  Design them on the computer or draw them yourself.  Make them from cardstock (which you can laminate, if you wish.)  Or try appliqueing felt or fabric;  using ribbon, beads, and jewelry findings; or even knitting them.  The only limit is your imagination!  Here are a few links to provide inspiration and even instructions:
  • Volunteer to read to children at your local elementary school or public library.
  • Write and illustrate your own children’s story!
  • Borrow an audiobook from the children’s section of your library, and listen to someone reading to you.
  • Have a movie night. There are a lot of wonderful movies based on children’s books, from Winnie the Pooh and Mary Poppins to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and the Harry Potter movies.   Rent or stream one and watch it with your family and friends.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it!

4 Responses to “Ways to Celebrate Children’s Book Week”

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      Me too! I might re-watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this week. Or maybe Pollyanna — the BBC version, which I’ve never seen, but have had from Netflix for over a month; this would be a good week to finally watch it. Or Anne of Green Gables — it’s ages since I watched that. There are so many good ones!