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April 28, 2018 News & Notes 4

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  • There’s a new Harry Potter mobile game! Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure-style game that lets you go to Hogwarts. (Pottermore)  The script has been in development for 2 years, the graphics look awesome from the screenshots I’ve seen, and they even got some of the “faculty” actors back to do the voices. I’ll be honest, I teared up when I heard Prof. McGonagall’s voice telling me I’d been accepted at Hogwarts. That said, most of the dialog is text rather than recorded voices.  (I haven’t gotten much further than getting supplies and being sorted. I’ve promised myself that when I finish the current backlog of work, I can start playing.) You can download the game from Apple’s App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices.) There doesn’t seem to be a version for the Kindle Fire, though.  Here are some reviews: Engadget, PolygonThe Guardian




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4 Responses to “News & Notes – 4/28/2018”

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      The Name of the Wind is phenomenal. The writing blew me away. I should probably warn you that it’s the start of an as-yet-unfinished trilogy (we’re still waiting for book 3), and that the author has stated that the whole trilogy is basically a prequel for More To Come. Rothfuss doesn’t write fast, but he does write superlatively well. (Also, it’s a picaresque novel, possibly the first in the fantasy genre. Good stuff.)

  1. RO

    Hey There Lark, and hope all is well. I know the #MeToo Movement is a thing everywhere, and to put in morality clauses is a big step for publishers to make sure authors are on point. I hear mixed reviews on George Martin, and haven’t had chance to read any of his work yet.That 50 best fantasy book list sounds pretty neat. Great way to introduce new novels we haven’t heard about. I agree, and need my reading and tv time too.(lol) Hugs…and Happy Monday! RO