News & Notes – 2/29/2020

February 29, 2020 News & Notes 1

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Literary Losses

Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler, author of the popular Dirk Pitt alt-history thrillers, died Feb. 24, 2020, at the age of 88. His writing career spanned over five decades and more than 20 bestsellers, including Raise the Titanic! and Pacific Vortex. In recent years, he has collaborated with a number of coauthors, including his son Dirk (for whom his protagonist is named.) His final novel, Journey of the Pharaohs, will be released this March. In 1997, Cussler’s nonfiction book The Sea Hunters earned him a Doctor of Letters from the Maritime College of the State University of New York.

Following the success of 1976’s Raise the Titanic, Cussler founded NUMA, named for his fictional National Underwater and Marine Agency. The real-life NUMA seeks to “[preserve] our maritime heritage through the discovery, archaeological survey and conservation of shipwreck artifacts.” Cussler headed the organization until his death.

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