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June 29, 2013 News & Notes 8

News & Notes is a weekly Saturday post featuring book- and publishing-related news, links to interesting articles and opinion pieces, giveaways on this and other blogs, and other cool stuff.

Books & Ebooks in the News:

  • Barnes & Noble is getting out of the tablet business.  The company hopes to partner with electronics manufacturers, co-branding Nook Tablets but not developing or producing them itself.  Bloomberg’s Matt Townsend thinks that may accelerate B&N’s breakup and the sell-off of the Nook Media division. B&N is selling off it’s Nook HD inventory, so keep an eye out for deals if you’re interested.
  • B&N’s sales are also down by 7.4% for the 4th Quarter.  (Jason Boog, GalleyCat)
  • “Hatchette Group Acquires the Hyperion Adult Imprint”Disney is selling most of its Hyperion adult titles to Hatchette.  Disney will keep its children’s and YA book lines. (Jim Milliott, Publishers Weekly)

Worth Reading:

Kuroda Seiki, Woman Reading (ca, 1890)

  • “How Reading Makes Us More Human” (Karen Swallow Prior, The Atlantic)  Thanks to my friend Anne G. for bringing this article to my attention!
  • “Once Upon a Time”blog post of quotes about fairy tales, accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Kay Nielsen, curated by artist/writer/editor Teri Windling on her blog, Myth and Moor.  Make sure you scroll down to the comments, where Jane Yolen has added a poem of her own.
  • Get Your Geiger Counter Out (ebook royalties are back, and this time they’re toxic) – See more at:

     “Get Your Geiger Counter Out (ebook royalties are out, and this time they’re toxic)” argues that traditional publishers need to wake up and rethink (low) ebook royalties before authors decided they don’t really need to go through a publisher. (Nick Harkaway, Futurebook blog)

  • “If agents are selling publishers to authors, does that mean publishers should pay agents commission” is a misleading headline; the opinion piece actually argues that publishers need to make a much better case for their services, now that authors have a viable option that bypasses them.  (Agent Orange blog, via Futurebook blog)
    Get Your Geiger Counter Out (ebook royalties are back, and this time they’re toxic) – See more at:

For Writers & Bloggers:

Literary Losses:

  • Richard Matheson, an influential science fiction and horror writer perhaps best known for his novels I Am Legend and Somewhere in Time, died Sunday, June 23, at the age of 87.  Matheson wrote both fiction and screenplays. A number of his works, including I Am Legend, Somewhere in Time, the short story “Duel”, What Dreams May Come, and The Shrinking Man, were later turned into movies.  He also wrote for television, penning screenplays for westerns, Star Trek, and The Twilight Zone.  (Remember the episode starring William Shatner as the only airplane passenger who can see the demon on the wing?) The New York Times accorded him a lengthy obituary, and there is a very nice essay by Edward Champion on his Reluctant Habits blog. Wikipedia has a full list of his fiction, television, and film works.


Book Announcements:

Free & Bargain books:

    • Don’t forget the free audiobook downloads from SYNC!  You will need to download the Overdrive Media Console to be able to download the audiobooks.  Here are this week’s and next week’s titles:
      •  June 27 to July 3: Rotters by Daniel Kraus  (read by Kirby Heyborne; Listening Library) and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (read by Jim Weiss; Listening Library). 
      • July 4 to July 10: Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford (read by Nick Podehl; Brilliance Audio) and She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith (read by a full cast; L. A. Theatre Works)
    • Sony’s Reader Store has 24 hot titles for $1.99 each, including Divergent (Veronica Roth), City of Bones (Cassandra Clare), Shadow and Bone (Leigh Bardugo), The Wanderer (Robyn Carr), Angels and Demons (Dan Brown), Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card), and more.  You don’t need a Sony Reader; any ePub reader will work (for instance, Kobo.  I think Nook can read these, too.)  The sale is only for Saturday, 6/29.

      Awesome lists: 

      Just for fun:  

      • What’s Your Reading Personality?  A quiz from Book Browse.  I am apparently a serial reader (though I think I’ve been branching out a bit recently!)  What are you?

      That’s it for this week!

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      1. Greg

        I liked the manuscript wish lists, very interesting. And the Feedly vs Bloglovin has got me thinking too…Thanks!

        • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

          I’m really glad when people tell me they like this feature! It’s fun to put together, but time-consuming, too, so it’s nice to know that folks are enjoying it. 🙂

        • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

          I was surprised to end up as a serial reader; I thought I would be a bit of a mix of types. For a few questions, none of the choices quite fit, but it was a fun quiz! Have a great week.