News & Notes – 8/19/17

August 19, 2017 News & Notes 4

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  • Time magazine’s interactive simulation of the solar eclipse will show you what you can see from any location in the U.S. The image above shows what those in the path of totality will experience (speeded up significantly.) Unfortunately, I can’t embed the interactive simulator here, but click the link, then click on the image above the headline and put in your zip code or location. And the simulator does exaggerate how dark the sky will be Also, be sure to use NASA-approved solar glasses if you want to observe the eclipse.
  • Merriam-Webster’s new Time Traveler feature lets you see all the words that made their first appearance in print in a given year. (Or decade or century, if you go far enough back.) Civil war? 1533, along with ungrateful, preposterous, excrement, carrot, and utopia, among others. Check out your birth year, or the year you graduated high school or college. If you’re a word geek, it’s a lot of fun.  (Los Angeles Times. You can access the Time Traveler app here.)


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Poster: I disappear into books. What's your superpower?


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