Sunday Post – 8/09/2020

August 9, 2020 Sunday Post 17

The Sunday Post is hosted by the wonderful Kimberly, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, recap the past week, take a look ahead, and showcase our new treasures—I mean books!

Last Week

The hurricane/tropical storm blew through on Monday night and early Tuesday morning. We had one tornado warning, but other than some relatively thin tree branches on the lawn and driveway, our home was unscathed.

I started a new work project on Thursday. I only have 2 weeks to complete it, so I expect it will impact my blogging to some extent. Friday night through Saturday night, I participated in Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, but I didn’t stay up all night or read the entire time, just about 5 hours total. On Saturday morning, Mr. Bookwyrm picked up and we processed a big grocery order (curbside pickup), which should hold us for 3 weeks or so. After that, I attended a Spinners and Weavers Guild meeting via Zoom. This afternoon, I’ll be attending another Zoom meeting, this time a reunion of the Gilbert & Sullivan Players (a student light opera group) from my college years.

Last Week on the Blog

This Week on the Blog

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What I’m Reading/Watching

Reading: I was really fickle through much of the week, jumping from book to book. Early in the week, I finished rereading The Sleeping Beauty (Mercedes Lackey), and began rereading The Liar, one of my favorite Nora Roberts standalones, as well as Poirot Investigates (Agatha Christie.) I also started reading The Left-Handed Booksellers of London (Garth Nix; ARC), which I think is going to be really good. An Extraordinary Union was on hiatus this week, but I definitely plan to finish it in the coming week.

The Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon ran from 8:00 pm (EDT) on Friday through 8:00 pm on Saturday. It’s the first time I have participated. I didn’t read the whole time because of conflicts on Saturday, but I put in a good 4 or 5 hours of reading, plus about half an hour of an audiobook that I didn’t end up counting. On Friday night, I finished rereading the last 40% of The Liar. On Saturday afternoon, I read Death at High Tide (Hannah Dennison, ARC.) Technically, I had it started last week, but since I had only read a few pages, I went back and started over. Once I finished Death at High Tide, I went on to Someone to Romance (Mary Balogh, ARC), and read about 45% of that before the 8:00 pm cutoff.

Lark's final stats for the Dewey 24-Hour Readathon

Listening: I have mostly been listening to podcasts, mainly Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and Imaginary Worlds, with a couple of 99% Invisible and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me thrown in. On Saturday, I finally started an audiobook, The Secret of Chimneys (Agatha Christie, read by Hugh Fraser.)

Audiobook cover: The Secret of Chimneys, by Agatha Christie

Watching: We watched Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame for the second time, but other than that, it hasn’t been a big TV/movie week. We did discover a series on the Smithsonian channel called Aerial America, which has given us at least the temporary illusion of traveling. The aerial cinematography is often breathtaking, but the narration is a bit overblown.

Added to the Hoard

For Review or Review Consideration

Book Cover: Return to Virgin River, by Robyn Carr

Many thanks to Harlequin MIRA for Return to Virgin River! (Click title for Goodreads link.)

Purchased (Kindle, print, or audio)

Print: How to Be an Anti-Racist Kindle: Holly Lisle’s Create a Plot Clinic (Click title for Goodreads page or my review.)

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind… and may you find books a haven in the coming weeks.

17 Responses to “Sunday Post – 8/09/2020”

  1. Angela

    We’re also shopping for at least 2 weeks at a time each time we go – it’s so crazy to think about that! It really makes menu planning important, but can be hard when you want fresh things.

  2. sjhigbee

    Glad you survived unscathed! It must be absolutely nervewracking waiting for the wretched thing to blow through… I’m very tempted to have a go at a Readathon, it’s on my bucket list – but I’m SO behind right now, I simply couldn’t take part in this one. Maybe later in the year… Have a great week, Lark.

  3. Natalie @Natflix&Books

    So glad to hear your house was mostly unscathed. I’ve been mostly shopping once a week or so. My city seems to be doing a pretty good job with the mask wearing overall, so I don’t feel too uncomfortable doing it. Happy reading!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      People around here were really resistant to masks. Some still are, but the governor made it mandatory and I’m seeing more masks now. But since Mr. Bookwyrm and I are empty-nesters, it’s not that difficult for us to stock up for three weeks at a time, and minimize our exposure.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Earthquake? (goes off to check Google) No, we sure didn’t! We are east of Fredericksburg (closer to DC than to North Carolina), though, so it wouldn’t have been very strong here. And since we were still in bed at the time, I guess our motion-absorbing mattress absorbed whatever we might have felt if we had been awake and walking around. How was it where you are? Are you OK? Is your house OK? I remember how shook up I was after the Louisa earthquake in 2011. That one was only about 35-40 miles from us.

  4. Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

    I am cannot wait to dive into the new Virgin River. Eep. With seven of us, I need to shop almost every week, particularly for perishables. I cannot believe how much the cost of food has risen.

    Don’t work too hard and be safe!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I’m so excited for the new Virgin River book!

      There are only two of us. We have an extra refrigerator in the garage and pantry shelves in the basement, so we are able to stock up for 3 weeks at a time. But we do run out of fresh veggies after the first week or so. (Except carrots, potatoes, and onions.) You’re right about the cost of food and other grocery-store items. They have really gone up. It will probably get worse, too.

      Right back at you, my friend — don’t work too hard, and be safe!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I think I have read at least 90% of Christie’s books at some point or other. Maybe 95%. They are so much fun to read. Thank you for the good wishes! It wasn’t too scary here, and our power stayed on, so we got off lightly.

  5. RO

    Yay to being able to stick to a challenge – no such luck with me(lol) But I have been doing lots more reading these days. Aren’t the Avengers movies the best? I admit to re-watching Mission Impossible and Top Gun a little more than I should these days, and have no clue why!(lol)
    RO recently posted…MORE USELESS STUFFMy Profile

  6. Nicole @ BookWyrmKnits

    It does seem to be a good time to read Christie — I recently started her Death on the Nile. I haven’t read nearly as many of her books as I’d like, so I’ll be reading more of them too. (But maybe not all in a row.)

    I’m glad you and the house are safe!
    Nicole @ BookWyrmKnits recently posted…Goodreads TBR Declutter #34My Profile

  7. Barb @ Booker T's Farm

    Sounds like you did great with the readathon. I could never get the husband, family or pets to leave me alone long enough to get one done. I think that’s why challenges work better for me. So glad you weren’t heavily impacted by the hurricane! I need to read The Dog Who Lost His Bark!