Sunday Post, 12/12/2021

December 12, 2021 Sunday Post 5

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The Past Three Weeks

So between Thanksgiving, packing for a long trip, driving cross-country for four days, and a bunch of other house- and family-related stuff going on, it’s been three weeks since I have had the energy or even the time to blog. (Everything’s fine, just really busy.) In early December, we drove to New Mexico to visit Robin, my parents, and my sister and her family. We’ll be there through Christmas, although right now, Robin, Mr. Bookwyrm, and I are visiting my dad and stepmom in Utah for a week. Then we’ll go back to New Mexico for Christmas.

It’s been nearly two long years since I saw any of my family, and I have missed them all dreadfully… particularly Robin. I’m soaking up the time with them, and they definitely come first, so I will probably be a very intermittent blogger until sometime in January. However, I hope to squeeze in at least a few reviews and posts here and there!

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Looking Ahead

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The Backlist Reader Challenge

Sign-ups are open for The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022. If you’re looking to read the books that have been languishing on your TBR pile or To-Read list for at least a couple of years, come check it out!

What I’m Reading/Watching

Book Cover: The Christmas Bookshop, by Jenny Colgan

Reading: I really haven’t read that much in the three weeks since I last posted. (Not much by my usual standards, anyway.) I enjoyed A Kiss for Midwinter as a buddy read with Sophia Rose. I started the Ghost Seer series by Robin D. Owens; I finished Ghost Seer and Ghost Layer, and I’m currently reading the third book, Ghost Killer. I read one of the only Dorothy Gilman books I had not yet read, a standalone called Thale’s Folly, and made my first foray into Georgette Heyer’s mysteries with A Christmas Party. And I’m in the middle of The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan. But with all that has been going on, and all the time spent with family, I have had very little time to read. (That’s OK; as I said above, I have missed my family terribly, and I am reveling in spending time with them!)

Watching: Robin introduced us to Leverage. We’ve only seen one or two episodes, but it’s a lot of fun. And we watched Hamilton with the whole family. Mr. Bookwyrm and I had seen the Broadway touring company, and they were quite good, but OMG the original cast was phenomenal!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind… and may you find books a haven in the coming weeks.

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  1. Katherine

    With all the driving it’s no wonder you’re exhausted! Sounds like fun but definitely busy. So glad you were able to get some quality time with Robin. The Jenny Colgan book looks wonderful. She has such fantastic Christmas-y covers. I hope you’re getting some rest and having a great week!