I Can’t Wait: My Most Anticipated Books For July–December 2017

May 30, 2017 Top Ten Tuesday 24

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Most Anticipated Books For The Second Half of 2017


I’ll be honest: I’m so overwhelmed with books to read right now that I feel kind of numb or even burnt out. It’s hard to muster much excitement for anything that’s going to add to that neverending list, even if they are books I would normally look forward to. But there are some that I’m. . .

Really anticipating


Looking forward to, but not quite as energetically


Anticipating, but with reservations

  *     *     *

You may notice that there are very few romances on these lists. I seem to be drifting away from them at the moment, except for romantic suspense. That could change in a few months; I go through phases when I gravitate toward certain genres, and right now I seem to be leaning toward fantasy, mystery, and romantic suspense.


Some of my favorite authors are disappointing me a smidge this year, so here are the books I would have been anticipating, if they were coming:

  • Laurie R. King isn’t releasing a Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes book this year.
  • Mercedes Lackey isn’t bringing out a Valdemar book (other than an anthology of short stories) for the first time in ages.
  • The first Numair book by Tamora Pierce has been pushed back again—to at least 2018.
  • Patrick Rothfuss hasn’t finished book three yet (it’s been six years. Not that I’m counting.)
  • Jayne Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) isn’t releasing a book in the Harmony series for the first time since I started reading her. (She has a recent book under her Amanda Quick pseudonym, and one written as Jayne Ann Krentz in early January.)
  • Mary Robinette Kowal (a newly discovered favorite) doesn’t have anything coming out this year.


Which 2017 books are on your can’t-wait list?


24 Responses to “I Can’t Wait: My Most Anticipated Books For July–December 2017”

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Snow and Rose just looks so interesting! And I do like that fairytale, in part because the two heroines have agency: they do things, rather sit around passively.

      I think you would like Lackey. But check with me for suggestions before you start her, because where you start will depend on what kind of fantasy you like most.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Lockdown is a standalone thriller by Laurie R. King. I’m sure it’s good, but it’s also very much not my thing, even though I adore her Russell & Holmes series. I hope you enjoy it, though!

  1. Lark

    That is a lot of books to look forward to reading. Now if each book only came with it’s own time off from work/life so you’d also have the time to read them all as soon as you get them. 😀
    Lark recently posted…A bookish update…My Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I hope you find a few to add to your TBR.(Or not, if you’re already feeling overwhelmed with too many books LOL!)

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Riordan is doing a great job with that series. It’s not high literature, but it’s entertaining as heck (and educational, too.)

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I’ve been waiting for the Laurie R. King so glad to see I didn’t miss it. Too bad but I guess that gives me a little time to catch up. I’m the same on the Nora Roberts. I want to read it but… The Mary Balogh is on my TBR and she is definitely an author I need to check back in with. I loved her Simply books but I’ve been hit and miss with the others.

    PS. The Heather Graham book I reviewed yesterday is creepy but not gory. The killer does bury the victims alive but we’re not in the victim’s head or the killer’s while they were doing anything other than looming in the background. I think you should be okay.
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Most Anticipated Books for the 2nd Half of 2017My Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      King does have a book coming out (today, possibly? Soon, anyway.) It’s called Lockdown, and it’s about a mass shooting in a school, so not her usual sort of book.

      Thank you for the reassurance about the Heather Graham book. I can usually handle it if I don’t have to get too much into the killer’s head or think too much about their motives—if I can keep it on an “intellectual puzzle” level instead of getting drawn in to the killer’s psychology. But I probably won’t read it at night!

  3. Greg

    Apex- wow that’s a cover. Big old dragon claw I’m thinking? 🙂 And Renegades- I haven’t read Marissa Meyer, maybe I’ll start with that one?

    Death in St. Petersburg! Yay. I’ve fallen behind on that series, I need to catch up on the alst few. And A Plague of Giants looks great, even though I’m not reading that series.
    Greg recently posted…Top Ten Most Anticipated Books Second Half of 2017My Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Some sort of monster claw, anyway! I need to read the second book before I read the third, but alas, my library doesn’t have a copy. If you haven’t read Marissa Meyer, I really suggest starting with Cinder, as I have no idea how Renegades will be, and Cinder is terrific. I need to catch up with the Tasha Alexander series, too; I’ve read the first two and all the recent ones, but not the ones in the middle. As for A Plague of Giants, it looks to be the first in a new series, so it’s a good place to start!

  4. Stephanie @ Don't be Afraid of the Dork

    This a very organized and awesome list Lark! Sorry you are having a smidge of burnout, I know what you mean about needing certain genres at certain times! It’s good that there are a few books still calling to you!

    The top three on your “Really Anticipating” + Artemis do look very exciting. I need to dive into more of Rick Riordan’s series after loving Percy Jackson.

    The cover for Snow and Rose definitely piques my interest along with the fact that it is fairy tale related:0).

    Finally, I SO feel your pain about reads your really wanting but that just…aren’t…coming. Especially when they are series installments because my memory ain’t that great. 6 years between books is not easy!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you, Stephanie! Snow and Rose really looks interesting; I hope it lives up to its promise. As for the books that aren’t coming out, well… I’ve kind of gotten used to waiting for Pat Rothfuss’s book. He’s such an incredible writer, and the books are so complex, that I’d rather wait until the book is truly right, than have him rush it. But I’ll definitely have to reread the first two just before the third one comes out, whenever that is. He has a novella set in the same world that I’ve kind of been saving for a rainy day; maybe I’ll read it this year.

  5. Rita @ Paging Through Books

    So many books, so little time… I understand your excitement/anxiety about more good books being placed on the TBR pile. When I reach that stage, I do “book triage”. Yes, I will always have a long list waiting on my Kindle, but I try to mix an older one with a shiny, new one to keep it fun. I have the Roberts, Hearne, and Meyer one on my GR wishlist now.

    I’ve been gravitating away from my darker titles of late, because when life throws curveballs, I duck and cover with a comfort read.
    Rita @ Paging Through Books recently posted…Weekly Book NewsMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      “Book triage.” What a great term! I try to mix it up, too, doing some re-reading and some backlist-but-new-to-me titles along with the ARCs. But sometimes I end up binging on re-reads or a particular author’s backlist, and then having to scramble to read a bunch of ARCs. And I’m entirely with you on reading lighter, more comforting books when things get stressful.

  6. Rissi

    Though I’ve never read anything by Marissa, I’m really curious about “Renegades.” It looks like a fast-paced, interesting and complex read. Also, ‘Murder, Magic’ sounds interesting too!

    Hope you enjoy all of these, and as always, thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland. 🙂
    Rissi recently posted…Armchair Book Expo, Day One | #ThisISMe and WelcomeMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I loved Cinder and the whole Lunar Chronicles series; I hope I enjoy Renegades as much. Thanks for stopping by!