Bet You Didn’t Know (Ten Facts About Me)

July 12, 2016 Top Ten Tuesday 12

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Things I Love/Hate About Romance in Books.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about getting to know each other as bloggers and as people. So here are ten things you probably didn’t know about me:

1. I sing in the shower. And just about anywhere else. Actually, I’ve been singing all my life and studying voice on and off (mostly on) since college. I made my debut at age 4 or 5, singing solo with a college choir in a question-and-answer song for their Christmas concert. I’m a lyric soprano, and I sing classical art songs, Broadway show tunes, and British folk songs, as well as sacred and secular choral music with my church and community choirs.

2. Lark isn’t my real name. It’s a nickname I chose when I started blogging. Now it’s so much a part of me, I would answer to it if someone called me Lark on the street. (I chose the name partly for a character in Mercedes Lackey’s The Lark and the Wren.)

3. I’m disorganized. Or rather, I’m very good at setting up organizational systems, and rubbish at sticking to them, at least when it comes to physical things — which is why my house is usually messy. (I’m pretty good at organizing information, though.)

4. I’ve visited Great Britain six times, starting when I was about 10. And I wish I could go again. Part of me would love to live in an English village, or in Wales or Scotland. It’s the land of my heart in many ways. One of my favorite trips was wandering around the Scottish highlands by myself for over a week when I was about 23: Inverness, Culloden, Skye.


Stonehenge. Photo © K. Pekar, 2002


5. I’d rather read than watch TV or a movie. Actually, I’d rather read than do a lot of things. And although I enjoy movies and TV, I find them draining. Books, on the other hand, tend to recharge me.

6. I’m a proud Hufflepuff. (Even if Pottermore did re-sort me into Ravenclaw after their redesign.) I admire what Hufflepuff stands for: fairness, tolerance, and equality. But I’m not a big fan of the house colors, since who wants to look like a bumblebee?


7. I’m a killer Boggle player. In fact, almost no one in my extended family will play against me anymore… even with a handicap of “no three-letter words.”

8. I prefer cats to dogs. Much as I’d like to be a dog person, I’m really more comfortable around cats.

9. Mr. Bookwyrm and I met when we were both managers for Waldenbooks. The company’s slogan that year? “America finds it at Waldenbooks.” Yes, we did!

10. I did a lot of student theater in high school and college — mostly Gilbert and Sullivan. And TBH, I really miss it.



12 Responses to “Bet You Didn’t Know (Ten Facts About Me)”

  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I don’t use my kids’ real names on the blog but I’ve gotten so used to thinking about them with their blog names that I’ve almost called them that a time or two! I’d love to go to Great Britian! It’s on my list of places we’re going as soon as we get a kid out of college – right after Ireland. I remember Waldenbooks! We had a great one here. My husband and I met at work too. I had tied up the shared printer with this massive report and he gave me a hard time about it!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Facts About MeMy Profile

  2. Rita @ View From My Books

    I love your list 🙂 I’m on hiatus but at the last minute decided to join in, because this week’s topic is fun!

    I knew you weren’t Lark, but if I was to meet you in person that would naturally roll off the tongue. I like that name, it’s feminine but strong at the same time.

    I used to work at Books A Million, but that was at the twilight of my work career. I mostly worked in the education field.

    Funny you mentioned Boggle! I just played last night with my son and granddaughter. But my fave will always be Scrabble. I used to play the pc game with a purchased disc, but the computer cheated too much and used words I considered technical or foreign 🙂 My parents, who are passed, loved the game and I inherited their deluxe board edition with the lock-in tiles and lazy-susan bottom.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Rita @ View From My Books recently posted…TTT- 10 Random Facts About MeMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Now I’m smiling all over! “feminine but strong at the same time.” I like that!

      I did the teaching and bookselling in reverse: bookseller/manager, then teacher, then indexer and homeschooling mom. One way and another, I’ve been involved with books professionally since I graduated from college. (Except that one year I was an assistant manager for McDonald’s, out of necessity.)

      For some reason, I’ve never been great at Scrabble, I think because of the strategizing to get points, which isn’t my strong suit. I enjoy both Upwords and Bananagrams, though! And your Scrabble board sounds awesome.

  3. Tiffany @ I Was Angelized_1st

    Cool! I used to work fir Borders Group, Inc. out of college. I helped to manage books from “New Vendors.” Basically, delivered incoming books to the buyers for Walden and Borders. It’s neat you’ve been to the UK a lot. I was in London for a layover, but would love to go back to visit. Did everyone get resorted when they overhauled Pottermore? Originally I was a Ravenclaw, then I became a Gryffindor. Weird!
    Tiffany @ I Was Angelized_1st recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About MeMy Profile

  4. Lindsay

    I’m so jealous of your trips to the U.K.! I desperately want to go, and in fact I was hoping we’d get stationed in England (or Germany) when we moved this time (but instead we were sent back to Hawaii, which most people would be thrilled about… but… England!). I was just working on the TTT list for next week (books set outside the U.S.) and I’m pretty sure I read at least as many books set in Britain as in the U.S.! I’m just a little bit of an Anglophile…

    I’ve taken the Pottermore quiz three times. The first time I was a Hufflepuff, then I took it a couple years later and got Ravenclaw, and when I just took it with the site redesign I got Ravenclaw again. I’d say that’s pretty accurate — I’m 1/3 Hufflepuff, 2/3 Ravenclaw, and zero parts Gryffindor or Slytherin!
    Lindsay recently posted…Meet the Blogger: 10 Facts About MeMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Yes, I’m probably a Ravenpuff or a Huffleclaw, if the books allowed that. They don’t, though, so I end up in one or the other. 🙂

  5. Stephanie

    Nice facts though I am not surprised to discover that you sing in the shower! Coincidentally, I could have written #4 on your list (I went to the UK for the first time when I was 10 and have been back other times) except the part about backpacking alone around Scotland. Oddly, this is the second list that adventure has appeared on and I’m super jealous! I’d love to do more solo travel but I am too big of a chicken!
    Stephanie recently posted…Top Ten…errr…Wednesday | My random book triviaMy Profile

  6. Lauren @ Always Me

    When Pottermore brought back the Sorting Hat, I was resorted into Hufflepuff (originally Gryffindor), and I’m definitely a Hufflepuff. 🙂

    Check out my TTT.

  7. Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic

    I love reading the facts about you, Lark. I knew a few of these–your love of singing and that Lark isn’t your real name. Scotland is on my wish list. I’m hoping within the next couple of years I can go to Scotland. And I hear you about being disorganized. I love to plan, but I never end up totally organized.
    Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic recently posted…Sunday Post: July 17My Profile