A Discovery of Witches: Movie News!

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Deborah Harkness announced on Facebook today that the screenplay for the movie adaptation of A Discovery of Witches is finished!  According to Ms. Harkness, Warner Brothers bought the film rights in 2011, and it will be produced by Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan.  The screenplay is by  David Auburn (Proof).  Di Novi and Greenspan have an impressive filmography (click on their names for their IMDB pages), and Warner Brothers are no strangers to filming blockbuster books about witches,* so I hope the movie will be good!

The movie is still listed as “in development” at IMDB.com, and there’s a long way to go before they start casting and filming.  Casting Matthew and Diana may be the toughest challenge.  Who do you think would be good?  No fair going by looks alone — whoever takes on those characters will have to have some serious acting chops.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

* Harry Potter, anyone?
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136 Responses to “A Discovery of Witches: Movie News!”

    • Candace

      Gregory Fitussi from Masterpiece’s “Mr. Selfridge” would make a great Matthew and Audre Tatu for Ysabeau

    • Anonymous

      I vote Gregory Fitoussi! That’s exactly how I always imagined Matthew! And I think Lily Collins (as a blond) or Emma Roberts for Diana.

    • Anonymous

      I definitely agree with the suggestions of Gregory Fitoussi with regards to Matthew and Marion Cottilard for Ysabeau. Claire Danes looks like Diana but I don’t know enough about her acting skills to give a proper judgement.
      What about Sam witwer for Marcus?

    • Anonymous

      I would cast Tim Mison as Matthew and Ana Torv as Diana. That is if it were totally up to me.

    • kbojack1

      For Matthew, either Daniel DiTomasso, Sasha Roiz, or Henry Cavill. For Diana, I can see Rachel Boston as a perfect fit.

    • Moni

      Yes to Anna Torv and Tim Mison. Anna Torv is a great actress and I liked how she managed to combine strength, vulnerability and passion in her role in Fringe. I always thought I would like to see Michael Fassbender as Matthew but as soon as I saw Tim Mison in one of the comments here – I was immediately convinced!

    • liz

      she would yes but have you thought of Kate Winslet she would do well also. i saw a top choice video on YouTube and i believe some one said that they want Stockard Channing to be Sarah and i completely agree!

  1. Paula Chamra

    Kate Winslet as Diana for sure! She’s gorgeous and she definitely has the look and attitude. Although Diana’s character in the novel is a few years younger than Kate in real life, I think she can pull it off. Richard Armitage as Matthew de Clairmont. Marion Cottilard as Ysabeau. She’s definitely got the look and accent. Stockard Channing as either Em or Sarah. She’s played a witch before in Practical Magic and she can look like Kate Winslet’s aunt.

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      Hmm, I hadn’t considered Kate Winslet. And Richard Armitage? He’s definitely got the intensity, but these days he looks a trifle weatherbeaten for my image of Matthew. (Not that he’s not good-looking in his own right!) Stockard Channing might be a good choice for either aunt. And I’ve not seen Marion Cotillard in anything, but judging by IMDB, she’s certainly got the right look for Ysabeau.

    • Anonymous

      Stockard Channing I think would be great as one of the aunts….but your forgetting one thing…she already played this role in Practical Magic :0( so the odds of her taking it on are slim. I still hope they get the aunts just right maybe Julianne Moore? Now there’s a spit fire witch for you!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh I think Diane Kruger would make a great Diana! Also, Sam Witwer for would be an absolute fabulous Matthew. He is who I picture every time I read the book. He currently plays a vampire on Being Human in the U.S. It’s the U.S. version of the BBC show Being Human.

  3. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    Diane Kruger might be good — I’ve only seen her in the National Treasure movies, but I see she’s done some other roles, including in The Host. She could certainly look the part. Can she do a convincing American accent, though? As for Sam Witwer — maybe. I haven’t seen him act. I always pictured Matthew a little more patrician in appearance — though I’m not sure why, since he was essentially a French peasant before he became a vampire.

  4. Anonymous

    I think Eric Bana (plays Henry in The Time Travellers Wife) would make an amazing Matthew! 🙂

  5. Sarah

    I think Eric Bana would make a perfect Matthew!! He is brilliant on My time travellers wife!

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      Hmmm… possibly! I’ve only seen him as Nero in the Star Trek remake, and I was too busy being indignant that the filmmakers had completely ignored canon in terms of what Romulans look like (they should look like Vulcans, to whom they are related) to pay much attention to his performance.

  6. Anonymous

    I think Sam Witwer would be a good choice for Matthew. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Ummm I don’t think so! 1) Sam is already playing a vampire…he won’t want to type cast himself and 2) he is waaaayyyy to short…Mathew is very tall and imposing with broad shoulders and long limbs…the reach and build of a warrior knight.
      Try looking up Sasha Roiz from GRIMM…perfection…and I think he’s FRENCH!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I’d like to see Keira Knightley play Diana. Not sure about Matthew.

  8. Anonymous

    Kate winslet for Diana!She is just perfect for the role…

  9. Anonymous

    Sam witwer i can see that or eric bana definately not hiddleston for matthew and diana maybe daniela denby ashe or Keira knightley i can see that

  10. Anonymous

    I kept picturing Jennifer Morrison as Diana. I think she would be perfect.

  11. Anonymous

    I could see Rodrigo Santoro playing Matthew.

  12. Anonymous

    Richard Armitage would be the perfect Matthew! Have you seen pictures of him clean-shaven in Spooks? He’s delicious! Emily Blunt would be lovely as Diana….a trifle young, perhaps…

  13. Anonymous

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! SAM WITWER DEFINITELY!!! He is exactly how I picture Matthew to be. I have seen him on that vamp show and he can pull off the different personalities (if you will) of Matthew. Not to mention, he was the voice of Darth Maul I believe in Star War: The Clone Wars. That shows he can do different voices which I think would be required of the person who plays Matthew since there are different times that it mentions Matthew’s voice being stronger or softer depending on who he is speaking too.

  14. Anonymous

    OMG…Totally on board with Sam Witwer as Matthew.
    Also…what about Alexis Bledel as Diana? She has the sharp wit and intelligence of her Rory Gilmore (not to mention her New England charm), and she’s fresh in her early 30’s.

  15. Anonymous

    Consider Michael Fassbender as Matthew. Still not sure who Diana should be.

    • Anonymous

      I have always pictured him in the role, probably because of Hex.

  16. Anonymous

    Jonathan Rhys-Meyers for Matthew. He’s gorgeous and a bit tortured.

  17. Anonymous

    Benedict Cumberbatch. He was awesome in Star Trek. He has this wonderful creepy elegance.

  18. Anonymous

    Gwyneth paltrow for Diana.maybe Jonathan Rhys-Meyers or henry Cavill for Matthew

  19. Anonymous

    Richard Armitage for sure. Witwer does not have “aquiline nose” and is a bit young, Cumberbatch and Hiddleston do dark & creepy well, but lack the warm, romantic side.

  20. Anonymous

    Novak Djokovic, Serbian tennis player for Matthew. He’s got the look and a mysterious accent

  21. Anonymous

    I vote for Henry Cavill as Matthew. I can’t see anyone else. He is tall and well built, drop dead gorgeous and is fluent in French(he is from the isle of Jersey, off the French coast) And Diane Kruger as Diana.

  22. Anonymous

    Diane Kruger is PERFECT!! I definitely can’t picture any other actress such as Gwyneth Paltrow (too flimsy) or Kate Winslett (too soft) to be Diane. And Sam Witwer…um, yes please!

  23. Sheryl

    A little late to the party here – just finished the 2nd book in the trilogy and holding my breath for the 3rd! My vote is for Aidan Turner who played the vampire in the British version of “Being Human” (also Kili in “The Hobbit”). He can be dark, brooding, charming and already has the requisite British accent.

  24. Anonymous

    Rebecca Romijn would be a good Diana. Or Kate Beckinsale. Bette Midler would make a good aunt.

  25. Anonymous

    I don’t know why but I see Mary-Kate Olsen as Miriam.

  26. Anonymous

    Diane Krueger as Diane and Henry Cavill as Matthew. You need an intelligent looking Diane and a hot, muscular guy for Matthew. And he has to be tall.Marion Cotillard for Ysabeau. The aunts have to be cast carefully. Vanessa Paradise as Miriam.

    • Anonymous

      These sound pretty good!!!
      Altho Diane has a new show coming out called The Bridge…but she might go for a movie???

  27. Mrs. Mohnster

    Love Juliette Binoche, think she would be perfect for Ysabeau. Richard Armitage for Matthew, absolutely! Not sure about Diane, but agree with whoever said they would prefer an unknown…

  28. Anonymous

    Sasha Roiz from GRIMM would play the hell out od Mathew!!!
    Tall, dark, elegant…and I believe he is French???

  29. Anonymous

    I think Diane Krueger has a TV show to air soon…I think it’s called “The Bridge”….

  30. Anonymous

    Gilles Marini for Matthew…..Now sure about Diana…..

  31. Anonymous

    matthew is either matt bomer or Richard Armitage for me. Hamish I could see as James McAvoy with a scotch accent and Andrew Garfield as Marcus. I kinda pictured something close to Sally Field as Aunt Sarah and Emma Thompson as Emily but with a more Professor Trelawny type feel.

    • Anonymous

      Richard Armitage is a good one, but so is Sasha Rois. Look him up, he speaks French beautifully!
      Matt Bomer is probably going to be busy with The Fifty Shades Movies….or so they say???
      He’s too short anyway…NOT a Medieval Knight!!!

  32. Ms. Akeldama

    Richard Armitage seems like a fine Matthew. Personally, I can also see Benedict Cumberbatch in the role…. I can definitely see him as a vampire and scientist…..

    I haven’t given much thought to Diana, though….. Kate Winslet might be able to pull it off. Her looks are good, but I haven’t watched enough movies with her to judge her acting…. But as for looks, I think whoever plays Diana needs to be completely natural. No obvious plastic surgery or anything like that.

    • Anonymous

      Richard Armitage would be perfect. He uses the stillnes and is really good at playing mesmerizing dark people with good character threads. As far as I know, he can French. But I am not sure he would cast. As to Diana, I haven’t given much thought to Diana, eihther, but I see her as dark as him. And sorry for my bad English.

  33. Anonymous

    Matthew should me Michael Fassbender, and Claire Danes would make a perfect Diana. I 2nd james mcavoy as hamish.

  34. Patricia McGrattan

    I pictured Matthew as Hugh Jackman and Diana as Amanda Seyfreid as I read and reread ADOW. Guess I will have to adjust my thoughts next time I read ADOW.

  35. Patricia McGrattan

    Amanda Seyfreid and Hugh Jackman were the actors I imagined when I had read and reread the books…then Les Mis came out, but I still like the two of them. I think Amanda has that bit of ethereal vibe that Diana has when she walks with her eyes closed.

  36. Anonymous

    Benedict Cumberbatch would be the perfect Matthew. He has the height and the build, not to mention the bone structure. Looks aside……..he also has the acting ability needed to be a convincing Matthew. The actors should look the age of characters in the book. A twenty-something actor could not be Diana. Diana is tall and athletic, pretty, but not a beauty. Angalina Jolie (with the look from Salt) would be outstanding as Ysabeau, and Paul Bettany is Hamish. Jim Cavizel as Baldwin. This is such a wonderful story, but the wrong cast would ruin it.

    • Ms. Akeldama

      I second this!!!

      Amanda Seyfried is pretty an’ all, but….I don’t think she’s tough enough to act the part of Diana well. She’s also too slight; Diana should be….sturdy.

      And Benedict as Matthew = L.O.V.E.!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    I think Shasha Roiz would be a good Mathew and maybe Charlize Theron as Diana. She’s tall and the right age and, of course gorgeous. I think Eva Green would be an amazing Ysabeau if they aged her.