A Discovery of Witches: Movie News!

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Deborah Harkness announced on Facebook today that the screenplay for the movie adaptation of A Discovery of Witches is finished!  According to Ms. Harkness, Warner Brothers bought the film rights in 2011, and it will be produced by Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan.  The screenplay is by  David Auburn (Proof).  Di Novi and Greenspan have an impressive filmography (click on their names for their IMDB pages), and Warner Brothers are no strangers to filming blockbuster books about witches,* so I hope the movie will be good!

The movie is still listed as “in development” at IMDB.com, and there’s a long way to go before they start casting and filming.  Casting Matthew and Diana may be the toughest challenge.  Who do you think would be good?  No fair going by looks alone — whoever takes on those characters will have to have some serious acting chops.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

* Harry Potter, anyone?
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136 Responses to “A Discovery of Witches: Movie News!”

  1. Ms. Akeldama

    For Marcus: Adam Pascal! Except that he might be a little too old… (born 1970). But with a little movie magic, that might not be a problem. He’s a rock star. ….Well, no. But he has the right look. A late 20s Adam Pascal is how I’ve always pictured Marcus Whitmore.

  2. Anonymous

    Okay without a doubt Tom Hiddleston should be Matthew. When I read the first two books his face always came to mind. Seriously you can totally see it.

  3. Anonymous

    I second Richard Armitage for Matthew. Fantastic idea!

  4. Anonymous

    Raoul bova as Mathew and Alexis bodel as Diana. Both not real well known and great character actors.

  5. Anonymous

    I read 2 years ago that someone had suggested Keri Russell. She would be an excellent choice!!! For Matthew, somehow I pictured someone with the looks of Adam Levine.

  6. Anonymous

    Patrick Dempsey and Ellen P. (from Gray’s Anatomy). Would be great to see their chemistry on screen – Ellen could bring a bit of clutzy to Diana, and Patrick is striking.

  7. Anonymous

    Sasha Roiz as Matthew & Racchel LeFevre as Diana Perfection!!

  8. Anonymous

    Anyone seen Dylan McDermott in The Campaign? I saw him and immediately thought Matthew. I just don’t know if he can pull off the accent. Matthew needs to be chiseled and HOT.

  9. Anonymous

    Has to be Matt Bomer for Mathew. He is who I image while reading the books. He has a great body without being over muscled & can actually act too! He could do dark & brooding very well, plus is sex on legs.

    For Diana, I quite like a make up free Blake Lively. She may not seem like the ideal choice, but has shown she can act, is the right kind of age & has quite an athletic body. I also like the Julia Stiles idea.

  10. Anonymous

    Richard Armitage of course. What about Lee lee Sobieski for Diana?

  11. Anonymous

    I laughed when I read your comment that Richard Armitage is looking a little “weather beaten”. I’ve seen him up close and trust me, the man is gorgeous, kind and very suave. He also has a glint if you know what I mean. Definitely Richard Armitage, he has the depth the character demands.

    • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

      Richard Armitage certainly is swoonworthy and he definitely has the acting chops. But it depends on how long they take to get around to actually making the movie. Lately I’ve also been wondering how Benedict Cumberbatch would handle the role of Matthew. He’s really versatile, and he can go from appealing to scary in a heartbeat.

  12. Diana Blessinger

    Here would be my picks: Diana – Rosamund Pike, Matthew is a toss up between Henry Cavill and Sullivan Stapleton (scientist/warrior is a hard one), Marcus – Bradley James, Hamish – James McAvoy, Sarah – Julianne Moore, No Em yet, Emma Rigby – Marriam, Ysabou – Eva Gaelle Green, No Mart yet, Peter Nox – Anthony Head, Nathanial – Freddie Stroma and Sophie – Lucy Hale

    • Lori Venturo

      In my mind, Kyle Chandler is EXACTLY who I picture in my mind as Matthew! Matthew MUST be big & TALL!! I was SOOOO Dissapointed when Taylor Lautner was cast as Jacob (Twilight)! ALL of the wolves were disappointing! I really think Diana & Matthew should be unknowns!

  13. Anonymous

    I love that this is still getting comments. For some reason I always pictured Diana as Laura Linney and Matthew as Michael Fassbender. But ever since Sleepy Hollow came around, I have to add Tom Mison to my list of possible Michaels.

  14. Anonymous

    What about Kristen Bell or Carey Mulligan for Diana?

  15. Anonymous

    Kate Winslet as Diana and Tom Hiddleston as Matthew. Ray Stevenson as Phillipe

  16. Anonymous

    Rachel LeFevre (Under the Dome) would make a great Diana. I agree that Richard Armitage would be a fabulous Matthew.

  17. Anonymous

    I’ve just finished the third book…wow! Anyway, I can completely see Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Armitage or Henry Cavill as Matthew…I think Stana Katic or Jennifer Carpenter would make good Diana’s…Definitely agree with Marion Cotillard as Ysabeau though! Perhaps Chris Hemsworth as Gallowglass? Eva Green should definitely be included, but not sure if I prefer her for Miriam or Verin? Anyway, enough out of me!

    • AJ

      Chris Hemsworth as Gallowglass…LOVE IT! I never even thought of Eva Green. She would great as Verin.

  18. AJ

    Nicholas Hoult would make a great Marcus. Colin O’Donoghue should have a role, but not as Matthew. Diana-I like Jennifer Morrison or Jessica Chastain. Ysabeau-Marion Cotillard. Matthew-Henry Cavill or Richard Armitage.