This Week’s Articles — 9/30 to 10/06/12

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“Publishers and Google Reach Agreement” in the lawsuit over Google’s scanning and digitizing of books for the Google Library Project.  (Press release on The Wall Street Journal‘s MarketWatch)

“You will never kill piracy, and piracy will never kill you”  (Paul Tassi, Forbes.)   Tassi is talking about movie piracy rather than ebook piracy; the reader may draw some parallels. Tassi makes some very good points, though I might argue against his conclusion that no one will want physical media in x years.  His argument that piracy is a service problem is a good one, as is his contention that movie prices are too high, both in the theatre and on disc. All in all, a thought-provoking piece. 

“Self Publishing: Second Class No More?” (Terri Giuliano Long, IndieReader)

“The Business Rusch: Why Writers Disappear” is the first of two related articles on Katherine Rusch’s blog.  (The second has not yet posted.)  She makes some interesting points.  If you like the article, check out Rusch’s other articles on changes in publishing.

“I love my Kindle, but it drives me crazy,” complains Jason Snell on TechHive.  Snell goes on to list some of the maddening quirks and issues with the Kindle, several of which are not limited to Kindle but are problematic on other devices as well. 

“4 Ways High School Makes You Hate Reading” is an irreverent, funny (and occasionally profane), and surprisingly insightful opinion piece on, well, how the way literature is taught in high school turns kids off to reading.  Literature teachers, take note; buried among the snark are some good ideas on how to engage students in literary analysis… and remind them that reading can be fun. (Christine H,

“3D Printing: Difference Engine: The PC All Over Again?” looks at the challenge to copyright and patent posed by the soon-to-hit-the-mainstream 3D digital printers — something I hadn’t thought about.  (The Economist‘s Babbage science and technology blog)

Calibre upgrade:  Calibre, the free e-book library management software, has released Version 9.  You can find about new features here.  I continue to prefer Calibre for managing my ebook library and uploading to my Sony Reader — though I do have to download ePub books with DRM through Adobe Digital Editions to get them authorized. 

And while we’re on the subject of Calibre, here are “5 Cool Tricks for Calibre” from Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader.

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