This Week’s Recommended Articles (3/25-3/31)

April 1, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Despite the frenzy of posts about the Harry Potter ebook/Pottermore store launch, about which I posted earlier this week (with plenty of links to other blogs), bloggers have found time to write about one or two other trends and issues in the field of books and ebooks.

Rich Adin (An American Editor) discusses the editorial quality of ebooks in “eBooks: Is It the Editor In Me?”

Philip Jones at Futurebooks reports on the growth of ebooks in Australia and India.

The Digital Reporter informs us that LG will soon begin mass production of a flexible e-ink screen.

Tim Carmody at Wired’s Epicenter has a long and thorough article on the legal ramifications of the Dept. of Justice’s antitrust investigation against Apple and the Big Six publishers.

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