WIP Wednesday, 05/20/2020: Daphne Revisited

May 20, 2020 WIP Wednesday 2

WIP Wednesday (for “Work In Progress”) is a meme where we share our current fibery projects. It was started by Nicole @ Book-Wyrm-Knits, who also reviews books at book-wyrm-reads


Daphne scarf, in progress. (Photo © 2016 K. Pekar)

I started this Daphne scarf four years ago, knit about twice as much as you see in the photo, then set it aside because it requires a lot of attention to make sure you don’t make mistakes in the 20-row pattern, and I had neither the time nor the focus. And then I forgot about it. So when I went digging through my box of unfinished projects for something I could finish, there it was. It still needs a lot of focus, but I’ve gotten better at marking the current row and staying on track; I can even watch (or listen to) something on TV as long as it’s not too complicated or gripping. It makes for slower knitting, but I’m making progress. The scarf is now about three times as long as you see here, and I’m almost to the end of the first ball of yarn. Hopefully I can finish it this summer — though it’s definitely not going to be my only knitting project; I need something a little more mindless as well. Maybe another pair of socks or a simple shawlette? I’m leaning toward the shawlette, because I want to use some of my handspun.

About the photo: Today and yesterday have been grey, windy, and rainy — not good for photography, so you’ll have to make do with the 2016 photo from my Ravelry project page. I’ll try to take a better one this week.

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