WIP Wednesday, 11/23/2022 – Hats for Survivors

November 23, 2022 WIP Wednesday 6

WIP Wednesday (for “Work In Progress”) is a meme where we share our current fibery projects. It was started by Nicole @ Book-Wyrm-Knits, who also reviews books at book-wyrm-reads


Finished projects

This is really more of a FO (Finished Objects) post than a WIP (Work in Progress) post! For the last three months, I have been knitting hats for Empowerhouse, our regional organization supporting victims of domestic abuse and their children. I started in September and finished in November, setting aside my personal knitting to work on them. (I didn’t work on them every day, but then, I don’t necessarily knit every day.) I dropped them off this week.

Hats for Empowerhouse: 3 adult, 2 child
Hats for Empowerhouse – 2 adult, 1 child
Hats for Empowerhouse – Adult Large, adult small
Hats for Empowerhouse: 2 adult

I plan to continue knitting hats for Empowerhouse and/or the local homeless shelter throughout the year, but I will spread them out so I can also continue with my personal projects. I find that a simple hat or scarf makes a good knitting project for long car rides, TV watching, or family get-togethers, because I don’t have to think much about the pattern, nor look at what I’m knitting all the time. This is a really basic pattern, and it’s free; I linked it below.

On the needles:

I have two projects on the needles — the ones I set aside to work on hats. I plan to pick them back up again now. I’m making a Cobblestone shawl using hand-dyed yarn from Urban Girl Yarns, and a pair of vanilla socks (3×1 rib) in Wisdom Yarns’ Saki Bamboo.

Cobblestone shawl in progress
Bijou socks in progress.

NOTE: For the sake of those who still cannot or prefer not to use Ravelry, I will clearly label all Ravelry links and provide alternate links whenever possible. (Since many designers sell their patterns only through Ravelry, I can’t always provide an alternate pattern link.)

  • Hat: PATTERN: Basic Beginner Hats for the Family, by Vanessa Ewing Knits. Available free on Ravelry. The designer has other patterns available through Ribblr and even more in her Etsy shop, but not this pattern. (Her other designs are really nice, and worth checking out.) YARNS: whatever I had in stash, including Vanna’s Choice, Mary Maxim Starlette, Red Heart Plush, and Red Heart Super Saver.
  • Shawl: PATTERN: Cobblestone by Meg Gadsbey Designs. Available on Ravelry and Payhip. YARN: Blood Orange colorway on Urban Girl Yarn’s ‘Virginia’ base.
  • Socks: PATTERN: 8 Stitches Per Inch Socks from Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks book. (Pattern page on Ravelry). YARN: Saki Bamboo from Wisdom Yarns, in the “Bidju” colorway.

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    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you! It’s my first time using this yarn. It’s 50% wool, 25% nylon/polyamide, and 25% rayon from bamboo. It feels fine while I’m knitting it — maybe slightly less stretchy than a 75/25 wool-nylon blend — but I won’t really know how I like it until I finish the socks and wear them. The yarn has been discontinued, but I don’t know why.