Mini Bloggiesta wrap-up

January 19, 2015 Challenges 6


These were my goals for Bloggiesta, with what I actually accomplished in blue.

  • Clear off my desk so I can hook my computer back up to my external screen and ergonomic keyboard. (Computer hooked up; desk is still a mess.)
  • Update About Me page and profile picture.  (Done!)
  • Clean up sidebar. Figure out how to move “favorites” icons to “About Me” page, or scrap them entirely.
  • Contact Goodreads to see why UBB plugin not accepted by them; try to resolve the problem (if they get back to me in time.) (Contact initiated Friday; waiting for reply as of Monday night. I’m not impressed.)
  • Crosspost at least 8 reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. (One done!)
  • Send bookwyrm photos to E.P. to sketch (for personalized header and avatar/icon.) (Photos sent to two different young artists I know. We’ll see what they come up with!)
  • Write & schedule 3 reviews. (2 done, 2 more started but not yet finished.)
  • Finish converting categories to tags. (started)
  • Brainstorm non-review post ideas – discussions, focus on illustrators, etc.

Besides the stuff on the list, I also started exploring statistics plugins, which wasn’t on the list but is something I need.  However, as you can see, I did not cross off that many items from my list. Here’s why: On Sunday, Mr. Bookwyrm finally had time to work on my computer, which had issues. He fixed the problems (hardware-related), but I wasn’t able to do much work on Sunday. On Monday, we ended up tackling the basement instead of the blog. I can’t complain, because we got a whole section of the basement decluttered and reorganized (it was starting to look like an episode of Hoarders down there!). Now I can physically get to two bookcases that I couldn’t access for the last few months – YAY! I suppose I could count that as blog-related – especially since one of them is a TBR bookcase! LOL.  But it didn’t leave me with a lot of time to work on blog cleanup.

Not too bad for my first Mini-Bloggiesta, all things considered. I’m pleased with what I did get done, and my plan is to carry on with what’s left of those goals into the coming week.

Final note: I don’t know what to do about Goodreads. Customer Support told me last week to post my problem on the Goodreads Developer forums, but no one there is answering me. The UBB plugin is blocked from automatically cross-posting my reviews to Goodreads because apparently Goodreads doesn’t like my IP address – not my domain name but the actual servers — and is therefore blocking it. Grrrr.


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    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you, Bea! Yeah, I’m trying to resign myself to not getting anywhere with Goodreads on the API thing. ETA Finally got a response from Goodreads, and Ashley is working with them to see if they can clear it up. Fingers crossed!