Monthly Wrap-Up – January 2016

February 1, 2016 Challenges 6


Monthly Challenge Wrap-Up (1)

I’m going to try to do a monthly or bi-monthly wrap-up showing my challenges and my personal and blog goals. I hope it will keep me focused on my goals and make me more accountable for reaching them, too!



The progress bars and lists show only books I’ve already reviewed, not books I’ve read. In January, 13 of my completed books are eligible for COYER (including 3 short stories sold individually). 2 are eligible for the Cozies challenge, and 7 books are eligible for my TBR challenge.

COYER Upside-Down 2023: Chapter 1

COYER Upside-Down 2023: Chapter 1

Host: Michelle @ Because Reading is More Fun
Progress: 4/10 (40%)
1 January, 2023 — 30 April, 2023
In Progress

  1. Sleep No More by Jayne Ann Krentz
  2. The Time for Love, by Stephanie Laurens
  3. The Backup Plan by Jill Shalvis
  4. The Gorgon Agenda by Lisa Shearin

NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2023

NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2023

Host: Socrates' Book Reviews
Progress: 2/15 (13%)
1 January, 2023 — 31 December, 2023
In Progress

  1. Sleep No More by Jayne Ann Krentz
  2. The Backup Plan by Jill Shalvis

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2017

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2017

Host: The Bookwyrms Hoard
Progress: 0/24 (0%)



    2016 Resolutions

    Bookish Resolutions
    1. Read more of the books I really want to read. As you may have seen from my Sunday posts, I lost both an uncle and an aunt this month. Between sadness, traveling and spending time with my family, and trying to keep up with my freelance work with the rest of that going on, I basically took the pressure off myself and let myself read whatever I wanted to for most of January, including a lot of re-reading. So I did well on this goal! I read 24 books according to Goodreads, but 3 of them are really short stories. 7 books were from my to-read list; 9 were re-reads (something I do when stressed or sad); and 5 were ARCs. . . and I’ve already posted reviews for 4 of the 5 ARCs.
    2. Request fewer ARCs. I requested 8 arcs in January, and I’ve been approved for 6 of them. Of those, 3 or 4 are books I would definitely have read anyway. (And I’ve already posted one of the reviews – go me!) 8 requests is a little higher than I normally want to make in a month, but the publication dates are spread out into May.
    3. Catch up on some older ARCs and improve my NetGalley review percentage. Well, I totally bombed this one this month. I didn’t even keep up with the new releases, quite.
    4. Build and maintain a 3-week cushion of reviews and other posts. This fell apart completely, but I hope to get back to at least 2 weeks ahead by the end of February.
    5. Cross-post reviews on time. I set up a spreadsheet to keep track of this, and I try to cross-post within a week of the original post date. I did well for the first half of January, but I need to catch up on the stuff from the last few weeks, which was spotty.  In early January, I also cross-posted about 15 reviews from 2015, that I had missed getting onto Goodreads, Amazon, or both.
    6. Stay on top of challenges. I’m doing OK at getting review links posted to the challenges, though again, I need to catch up on the last week-and-a-half or so.


    Personal Resolutions
    1. Find time and the discipline to write. I bombed this one in January, for the same reasons I mentioned above.
    2. Clean and revamp my study. I didn’t make any progress on this one either, mostly because I was only home for 14 days this month, and most of that was spent trying to get  or keep other things under control.
    3. Exercise more. Again, not much progress here, but tomorrow is another day!
    4. Be more consistently disciplined about my freelance work. My uncle’s death and my week-long trip to Utah for the funeral pretty much torpedoed this goal this month, but I’ll keep working on it in February.
    5. Make more time and space for the things I love to do: I did fit in a fair bit of reading, and I spent a lot time with my extended family, which are both important to me. I also managed at least a little knitting time. But I’m really missing my music.


    All in all, considering everything I was dealing with and the fact that I was only home for 14 days in January, I didn’t do too badly, at least in some areas. As for writing, decluttering, and exercising. . . there’s always February!

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