Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2022

June 1, 2022 Challenges, Monthly Wrap-Up 3

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Books Read – May 2022

NOTE: Links go to my reviews.

  1. When She Dreams (Amanda Quick) – ARC; reread
  2. Frogkisser! (Garth Nix) – audiobook
  3. The Murder on the Links (Agatha Christie) – reread
  4. Once Upon a Marigold (Jean Ferris) – reread
  5. How to Be a Wallflower (Eloisa James) – ARC
  6. Spy, Spy Again (Mercedes Lackey) – ARC
  7. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (V. E. Schwab)
  8. Point by Point (Celia Lake)
  9. Desperately Seeking a Duchess (Christi Caldwell) – ARC
  10. A Stitch in Time (Kelley Armstrong)
  11. Loving a Lost Lord (Mary Jo Putney) – reread


These are the books I read for various challenges, but I have not written or posted all the reviews yet, so they won’t all show up on my 2022 Challenges tracking page. All title links go to my reviews.

Goodreads Challenge 2022: 11 books in May (titles listed above.) I have read 81 books so far this year, which puts me 9 books ahead of schedule as of May 30. That’s a bit down from the 13 books ahead at the end of April, so I need to step up my game if I’m going to hang onto my lead.

22 in 2022: 2 books (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue; A Stitch in Time.) I’m currently behind on this challenge; I have read 5 of 22 books, so I need to more than double my pace if I’m going to read them all before the end of the year. To be fair, I’m nearly done with two more, both audiobooks I borrowed from the library, which expired before I could finish them. I’m just waiting for my holds to come in so I can finish them.

Audiobook Challenge 2022: 1 book (Frogkisser!) I made good progress on Invisible Women, but Libby snatched it back before I could finish it. (See note above.)

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022: 4 books (The Murder on the Links; Spy, Spy Again; The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue; A Stitch in Time). I have read 11 books for this challenge so far this year.

COYER Spring 2022: 9 books (When She Dreams; Frogkisser!; The Murder on the Links; Once Upon a Marigold; How to Be a Wallflower; Spy, Spy Again; Desperately Seeking a Duchess; A Stitch in Time; Loving a Lost Lord)

Library Love 2022: 1 books (Frogkisser) See note above re Invisible Women.

Read Christie 2022: 1 books (The Murder on the Links)

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