Monthly Wrap-Up – May 2023

June 1, 2023 Challenges, Monthly Wrap-Up 3

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Books Read – MONTH 2023


Numbers refer to how many spaces each book is worth on the gameboard for the COYER Upside Down, Chapter 2 challenge.

  1. Stars of Fortune (Nora Roberts) * – reviewed 5/05/2017; 1
  2. Bay of Sighs (Nora Roberts) * – 1
  3. Island of Glass (Nora Roberts) * – 1
  4. Old as the Hills (Celia Lake) – 4
  5. The Sweetheart List (Jill Shalvis) – ARC; 3
  6. The Sinister Booksellers of Bath (Garth Nix) – ARC; 3
  7. Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens (Andrea Penrose) – 4
  8. The Very Secret Society of Witches (Sangu Mandanna) * – ARC; 3
  9. Gryphon in Light (Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon) – ARC; 3
  10. Silver Lady (Mary Jo Putney) – ARC; 3



These are the books I read for various challenges, but I have not written or posted all the reviews yet, so some will not show up on my 2023 Challenges tracking page. All title links go to my reviews.

Goodreads Challenge 2023: 11 books read in April (all titles above.) 75 books read so far this year, toward my year-end goal of 175 books. (Titles listed above.) I am 13 books ahead of schedule.

#23in2023: 0 books read and 0 books reviewed in May. For the year, 5 books read and 1 books reviewed so far, toward my year-end goal of 23 books.

Audiobook Challenge 2023: 1 books listened to and reviewed in May (Hammered.) For the year, 7 books read and 3 books reviewed so far, toward my goal of 6 books.

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2023: 1 books read in May (Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens), but none reviewed. For the year, 9 books read and 1 books reviewed so far, toward my year-end goal of reading and reviewing 16 books.

Library Love 2023: 0 books read or reviewed in May. For the year, 2 books read and 1 books reviewed so far, toward my year-end goal of 12 books.

NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge 2023: 5 books read in May (The Sweetheart List; The Sinister Booksellers of Bath; The Very Secret Society of Witches; Gryphon in Light; Silver Lady), but none reviewed so far. For the year, 15 books read and 4 books reviewed so far, toward my year-end goal of reading and reviewing 15 books. Current NetGalley percentage: still 53%.

Read Christie 2023: I didn’t read this month’s title because I wasn’t interested in it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to substituting another book either. For the year, 4 books read and none reviewed so far, toward my year-end goal of 12 books.

COYER Upside Down Chapter 2: 11 books read in May (all titles above.) 1 books reviewed in May (Hammered.) The challenge began in May; my 4-month challenge goal is to read and review 10 books by Aug 31. (All books read during this challenge count toward the challenge, though they are assigned different points.)


Overall: This wasn’t a great month in terms of number of books read or reviewed. However, I read five ARCS (go me!), including one that I reread so I could write the review. Although I haven’t finished any of those ARC reviews, I have notes and reviews in process for all of them, and can hopefully get those posted in July. My other challenges did not far as well.

Book acquisition: I bought or downloaded 26 books in May. (Yikes!) Of those, three were Audible books bought along with the Kindle, so in terms of actual titles bought, it’s actually 23 titles. (But in terms of budget, it’s 26.) I bought three paperbacks, of which two were used copies. All the rest were either Kindlebooks or audiobooks. So that’s only three physical books to find shelf space for. I don’t have a strict book budget, but I have generally been trying to cut back on buying books; that didn’t work out so well this month.

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  1. Sem

    This is awesome! I just checked my goodreads. And I am 27 books behind schedule. Yikes for me.

  2. Katherine

    So many great books in May! I love that Nora Roberts trilogy. I reread it a few years ago and loved it just as much if not more than the first time I read it. Happy June!

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