News & Notes – 12/07/13

December 7, 2013 Patrick Rothfuss, self-publishing 7

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      Jim Kay’s newly-imaged Harry Potter

      • “Harry Potter’s New Image Revealed”: Bloomsbury, J. K. Rowling’s UK publisher, is bringing out a new, fully-illustrated edition of the Harry Potter books with pictures by Jim Kay.  The first volume is scheduled for Sept. 2015, and Bloomsbury will issue one a  year after that.  They hope to publish globally. (The Guardian)  I like Kay’s picture of Harry, but is it my imagination or does he look like a cross between a young Daniel Radcliffe and a young Skandar Keynes?

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      NPR’s Book Concierge

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      7 Responses to “News & Notes – 12/07/13”

      1. Bea

        I loved those READ posters. My library still has a couple up in the lobby.

        I’m also surprised about the empathy and genre finding and a little dismayed too. This will not help narrow the snobbery gap.

        Now, I’m of to check out the picture book list. I bet picture books would beat out literary fiction for building empathy. 😀

      2. Greg

        I had no idea today was take your child to a bookstore day, but we did end up at a bookstore after some shopping, so guess that worked out! I too am surprised at that empathy study, seems odd. Hmm.

        The author bio post was great, thanks for sharing that. And I liked the Buzzfeed list a lot too… Happy Sunday!

      3. readerholicnotes

        It’s really hard for to believe in the empathy study and literary fiction. Literary fiction never made me fell more empathy. I usually feel more impatience with a lot of the characters…lol. Of course, I can feel that way with genre books, too! I like the Harry Potter image. He looks so young! The Children’s Book Day illustration is wonderful.

        • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

          I wondered about that too… but they seem to be defining ’empathy’ as both the ability to mentally put yourself in someone else’s shoes and the ability to figure out what someone else might be thinking or feeling or what their motivation is. Building those skills doesn’t require liking the characters, and it would be enhanced by having to work at it. The study points out the complexity of literary characters and the fact that lit-fic authors don’t usually tell you what their characters are feeling, so as a reader, you’re always trying to figure it out — thus building the ‘figuring it out’ skill.

          That said, I really think they’re condemning a lot of books that fit the lit-fic criteria but are also fantasy or SF or mystery or romance — books that don’t spoonfeed you the characters’ feelings, thoughts, and motivations but make you work for them just as those lit-fic books do.