News & Notes – 2/01/14

February 1, 2014 public libraries, Sherlock (BBC), SYNC 8

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        • The Fault in Our Stars trailer is here! I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that Robin and I are going to see it, and that I have to read the book first.  So I guess I’d better get started!
        • The Empire Striketh Back, the sequel to last summer’s William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, looks to be just as hilarious and clever as its predecessor.  It releases on March 18. (CNet)
        • David Baldacci is writing a MG/young YA fantasy series.  The first installment, The Finisher, will be released by Scholastic on 3/04/14.

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              • Sherlock fans, there’s an actual blog by John Watson.  For real.  OK, it’s fictional, part of the online stuff the BBC put together, but it’s there and it’s Watson’s blog, complete with comments from his friends (and sister Harry).  If you’re a Sherlock afficionado, give it a look.
              • There’s also a Sherlock personality quiz, this one from Masterpiece Mystery.  Apparently, I’m Molly.  (I have better taste in men, though. I’ve never dated a master criminal, for one thing.)

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                8 Responses to “News & Notes – 2/01/14”

                1. Bea

                  I keep thinking about signing up for Scribd but I can barely get through the book already in my TBR pile. Still, that Kindle Fire app is appealing.

                  • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

                    The blog isn’t very well-written, which fits modern-Watson’s personality. The comments are a stitch! My daughter ‘Robin’ did a sentence in Gallifreyan; it’s time consuming but looks really cool when you’re done.