One Week ‘Til Christmas! (Sunday Post 12/18/16)

December 18, 2016 Sunday Post 8

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My Week

I’m finally beginning to feel like Christmas. My shopping is about half done, and my wrapping is started. We arrived at my parents’ house last weekend and helped finish the Christmas scene. And Robin and I went to Evensong choir rehearsal with my mom, so I’ve gotten to sing some Advent and Christmas carols. Being away from my church choir is the hardest thing about spending Christmas with my parents. (Actually, it’s about the only hard part, except not putting up our own decorations. I love being with my parents and sister’s family for Christmas.)


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Upcoming on the Blog

  • Mon. 12/19/16: TBD
  • Tues. 12/20/16: Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree – tentative
  • Wed. 12/21/16: TBD
  • Thur. 12/22/16:  TBD
  • Fri. 12/23/16: TBD
  • Sat. 12/24/16: No News & Notes this week!
  • Sun. 12/25/16: Merry Christmas!




The sign-up post for The Backlist Reader Challenge is still upIf you’re looking for a year-long challenge to read books from your TBR pile or list, this is the one! It will be a chance to get to some of those older titles you’ve been wanting to read.


What I’m Reading/Watching

Reading:  I finished re-reading The White Dragon (Anne McCaffrey; my collection), one of my favorites in the series. I also finished the next book in the series, The Renegades of Pern — not one of my favorites, but it’s a bridge to the next few which I do really like… such as All the Weyrs of Pernwhich I started yesterday. I read several more stories from Tempest (Valdemar anthology; ARC), but Lady Claire Is All That (Maya Rodale; ARC) is still on hold. I just don’t seem to be in a historical romance mood at the moment…

Listening: Made in America is  also on hold again, probably until after the holidays.

Watching: We went to see Moana, which was fantastic! We hope to see Rogue One this week.


New Additions to the Hoard

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For Review or Review Consideration

Many thanks to Open Road Media and St. Martin’s!


Purchased in Print


Purchased for Kindle

 These are the last two weeks of Kindle purchases. They put far too many books on sale before Christmas! A few are books I read as ARCs, and I’ve read the two Pern books multiple times. The others are all books I haven’t read yet. All of them were on sale except the Pern books.


Happy holidays to all of you, and happy reading!


8 Responses to “One Week ‘Til Christmas! (Sunday Post 12/18/16)”

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I went to summer camp in Vermont as a child; it’s a beautiful state. And there are so many contemporary romances set in the West. I thought a series set in a small town in New England would be a nice change. 🙂

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Yup, lots and lots of books! I could go on a buying moratorium in 2017 and never run out of books. (Except who am I kidding… buying moratorium? Riiiiiight.)

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      It really is. I miss my family, with so many of them out West and us on the East Coast. Holidays are a great chance to get together.

  1. Charlie

    Your visit sounds so enjoyable! I’m sure your choir also misses you because you’re amazing! I’ll also be reading Somebody Like You. 🙂

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I hope we both enjoy it! I expect our choir is missing us this year, because as far as I know, they’re still minus a pianist/director and are having to sing everything a capella — in which case, the more voices, the better. (I’m not the director of that choir; her contract got messed up and it’s taking a while to sort it out. And she’s not allowed to volunteer in the meantime, because we go to a military chapel so it’s a government contract.)