Belated Sunday Post – May 16, 2021

May 16, 2021 Sunday Post 4

The Sunday Post is hosted by the wonderful Kimberly, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, recap the past week, take a look ahead, and showcase our new treasures—I mean books!

This Week

It’s been a very busy week. I spent most of every day (and evening) working on an index, only to have my software glitch on Saturday as I was trying to generate a file for the author’s approval. We got that mostly sorted out, thanks to the very responsive developer, but it was after midnight by the time I had everything sorted out and emailed the file to the author. Today, I slept in a little, attended online church, went straight from that into a 3-hour reading of As You Like It in which I played Rosalind and Amiens (we were short on people, so we all took on 2 or 3 parts), and then dealt with the author’s few and quite sensible change requests before sending him the finalized index. Now I’m looking forward to a week of catching up on sleep, reading, blogging, housework, and everything else that took second place this week…like spending time with my very patient husband.

Recent Posts

Looking Ahead

What I’m Reading/Watching

Books read and reading, May 16, 2021

Reading: I finished Jolene by Mercedes Lackey (overdue ARC; review to come.) Then I read Someone to Cherish (Mary Balogh; ARC) and The Games Lovers Play (Stephanie Laurens) — loved the first, and the second was OK. After that, I started The Art of Betrayal by Connie Berry (ARC), but I wasn’t in the mood for a mystery, so I set it aside until I had more free time. I also started Long Lost (Jacqueline West; ARC), but it’s creepy enough that I’m not sure if I’m going to read it. Currently, I’m in the middle of Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas (ARC), which I am loving.

Listening to: I squeezed one podcast, a 99% Invisible episode on abandoned ships, but other than that, I was pretty busy and didn’t have much time to listen to anything.

Watching: A couple of episodes of Undiscovered Vistas, about Iceland.

Added to the Hoard

For Review or Consideration

Many thanks to DAW for Beyond! I am (if you’ll pardon the pun) beyond excited to read this; I’ve been waiting for the Valdemar founding story for literally decades. Many thanks also to Bantam for Castle Shade, another book I have been eagerly awaiting… so much so that I preordered the hardcover. (I’m trying to collect the entire series in hardcover.)

Purchased (Kindle, print, or audio)

Books Bought: week ending May 16, 2021

Kindle: The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street; Murder at Ochre Court; Lord Edgeware Dies; The Goblin Emperor; The Beast Player. (Click title for Goodreads page.)

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind… and may you find books a haven in the coming weeks.

4 Responses to “Belated Sunday Post – May 16, 2021”

  1. Katherine

    That sounds exhausting! I’m so glad you get to take a bit of a break and catch up on sleep and reading and time with your husband! I really want to get caught up with the Laurie R King series. I listened to God of the Hive last month and am hoping to pick the next one up soon. Have a great (and relaxing) week!

  2. Berls

    Technology always seems to know when we need it to cooperate most…and fails. I’m glad you were able to get the index worked out and hope you’re having a really relaxing week!