A Week of Mourning (Sunday Post – 1/17/16)

January 17, 2016 Sunday Post 25

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My Week

It’s been a very sad week. In addition to the public mourning for David Bowie and Alan Rickman, my dad’s family was stunned by the sudden death of my uncle Homer early in the week. My dad is taking it hard; Homer was the last of his 5 siblings still living, so now Dad is the only one left. I can only imagine how devastated my aunt and cousins must be. I’ll be leaving Wednesday to spend a week with my dad and stepmom and visit with the rest of my family on that side. My uncle’s memorial service will be on Saturday.

My aunt and uncle in Yellowstone, 2006


I hope you will also drop by Kimba’s blog and offer your support and condolences. Her father died unexpectedly on Tuesday.

It has been such a comfort to be back at home with my husband. I’m soaking up as much time with him as I can before I have to leave again. The cats are glad to see me, too. Tasha, our kitty with oral cancer, seems to be holding her own so far, though her tongue is clearly bothering her at times. I’m praying she can stay reasonably healthy for at least another month or two.


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Upcoming on the Blog

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What I’m Reading/Watching

I plowed through Secret Sisters (Jayne Ann Krentz) in a single night. I also read Everything She Wanted (Jennifer Ryan) and Murder on Wheels (Lynn Cahoon); both of those qualify for the COYER challenge. I’ve started My American Duchess (Eloisa James), but since I’m also needing a comfort book right now, I’m re-reading Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic series.

I haven’t watched much TV since I got home, because I’ve got so much to do to get ready to leave again — including two indexing projects, which I’ll have to take with me.


New Additions to the Hoard

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 For Review

Many thanks to Bantam!


Purchased for Kindle

This is the only one of the Circle of Magic series I didn’t already have on my Kindle.


From the Library


I hope you have a terrific week,  and happy reading!

25 Responses to “A Week of Mourning (Sunday Post – 1/17/16)”

  1. Michelle@Because Reading

    So sorry about your Uncle! This year seems to be starting out rather crappy for a lot of us. My aunt is in the hospital and they informed us it is only a matter of time. She and my other aunt are the last two siblings my moms dad’s side, my heart hurts for her kids and grandkids. So I am sending lots of hugs to you and your family as you heal.

    I also am praying for your kitty, those Fur-babies mean the world to us and it’s so hard to watch them sick. I hope she can stay with you longer.

    Hugs to you always! ox

  2. Joann Downie

    My deepest sympathy for you and your family, this is the 3rd blogger who has lost a family member, what a terrible week. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
    Joann Downie recently posted…Sunday Post#6My Profile

  3. Literary Feline

    Such sadness all around. I am sorry for your loss, and for Kimberly’s. My heart aches for all of you. I am glad your Tasha seems to be holding her own. I know that must not be easy either. You know it will get worse and so you are on pins and needles, expecting the worse while hoping for the best. Sending a hug your way as well as my prayers to you and your family.
    Literary Feline recently posted…Sunday Post: Mid-January Check-InMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I know; I feel so sad for Kimberly! An uncle is sadness; a father is much, much harder. And you are right about my Tasha-kitty, and that pins-and-needles worry. Every time she complains about her mouth, I get all concerned. Then she settles down and seems happy again for the rest of the day. She doesn’t seem to have lost any more weight, thank goodness. But we always know it’s only a matter of months, and it could be only weeks if the tumor spreads or metastasizes.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you for the thoughts and the hugs, Lexxie. I’m sure it will be good for all of us to spend time together. Dad was so touched when I told him I was coming for almost a whole week.

  4. Stormi

    This has just been one very sad week. I am sorry to hear about your Uncle Homer. *hugs* You got some good books! I read Thread and Gone, hope you enjoyed it.

    Stormi recently posted…The Week In Review #72My Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you, Nicole. You’re right; it’s harder when it’s unexpected. Or at least, hard in a different way. I appreciate the prayers, and I know my family will, too.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you, Jan. I’m glad, too; it’s one of the benefits of freelancing, that I can take my work with me so I can go when I’m needed — or when I need to be with them.

  5. Teddyree

    So sorry to hear about your Uncle Homer, a lot of heartache for your Dad, and your heart must hurt knowing there’s not a lot you can do to ease his pain. Thinking of you and sending hugs across the miles. And that’s a lovely photo of your aunt and uncle.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you, Teddyree. I really appreciate it. The photo makes me smile; we had such a lovely time in Yellowstone, and spent an afternoon with Homer on the boat, and several evenings with them as well.

  6. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    What a wonderful photo! That is a very hard thing to handle, being the last of your siblings. I can’t even imagine. Your family is in my prayers. I hope you soak up your time with them in the coming week.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you so much, Charlie. I’m looking forward to time with Dad and Marge (my stepmother), and to seeing my cousins and my aunt.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Thank you, Cait. It really has been a rough week for everyone, I think. I’m doing all right, and my husband has been wonderfully supportive.