News & Notes – 7/05/14

July 5, 2014 SYNC, Terry Pratchett 3

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“Please Look After This Bear. Thank You.” BookBench painted
by artist Michelle Heron. Situated on the Riverside trail.

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        • Walter Dean Myers died Tuesday, 7/01/14, at the age of 86. Myers was the author of over 100 children’s and YA titles and an outspoken champion for literacy. Over the years, his books garnered a number of awards including several Newbery Honor awards, six Coretta Scott King Awards or Honors, the first-ever Printz award, and a number of other honors. (Obituaries: HarperCollins press release; Huffington Post; Los Angeles Times)

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              • QUIZ: Which Classic Children’s Book Describes Your Life? (PlayBuzz) Apparently I am Pat the Bunny: “You are a sweet, kind-hearted person who loves interacting with the world. You are the rock of our friends and family. You’re young at heart, even though you may not look it!”  (And here I was hoping I still looked it.) 

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              3 Responses to “News & Notes – 7/05/14”

              1. Bea

                Heh, I also have a black belt in extreme reading. 🙂 I want that Wrinkle in Time tee shirt and I love those benches.

                I know about 6 or 7 people who have taken that children’s book test and they all came back as Pat the Bunny. Since they are all very different from each other, the quiz is flawed or rigged. But then, many of them are. 😀

              2. Katherine P

                I got Everyone Poops as my book. Not sure what to think about that. Apparently I’m cynical and sarcastic. Not saying that’s not true but could I have another book? I love the black belt in reading! And the benches!!!! I want the Narnia one! How sad about Pratchett and Myers.