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October 5, 2013 The Hobbit, Tom Clancy 10

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Books & Ebooks in the News:

Library of Congress main reading room.

Literary Losses:

Tom Clancy, mega-bestselling author of the Jack Ryan military/CIA thriller series and other military novels, died Tuesday, Oct. 1 at the age of 66.  I was in college and working for Waldenbooks the year his first novel, The Hunt for Red October, rocketed out of obscurity and onto the best-seller lists — to the evident surprise of the Naval Institute Press, which had to rush to print additional copies.  Once the reprint was available, we received enough cartons to build an impressive floor stack of the books near the front door.  We sold out within a week. 
Clancy’s attention to accuracy and detail was legendary, and it earned him the respect of the military community.  His books, including 17 bestsellers, thrilled millions of readers around the globe.  Rest in peace, Mr. Clancy. (Obituaries: New York Times; New York Daily News; Publishers Weekly)
British mystery writer Robert Barnard died on Sept. 19, but his death was apparently not announced until this week.  Barnard’s mysteries demonstrate ” a comic wit admired as sharp and quietly malicious” (The Telegraph); his characters are usually unpleasant and his mysteries, which fall loosely in the “cozy” subgenre, are deftly plotted, wickedly funny social commentary.
Barnard spend much of his working life abroad, first in Australia where he met his wife, then in Norway.  He returned to England in 1983.   His works were nominated for the Edgar award numerous times, including one nomination for his nonfiction analysis of Agatha Christie. In 2003, the Crime Writer’s Association awarded him the Cartier Diamond Dagger award.  His last novel, A Charitable Body, was published last year.  Robert Barnard was 76.  (Obituaries: The New York Times; The Telegraph)

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    Book Announcements: 

    • Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles, has signed a 2-book deal with her publisher.  The first book will be an Alice-in-Wonderland prequel entitled Heartless, currently scheduled for fall 2016. (PW)

    Awesome lists: 

      Really cool:

      <iframe width=”576″ height=”324″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
      Linguist and professor John McWhorter gives a 5-minute TED-Ed talk on fantasy languages, focusing on Tolkien’s Elvish, Avatar‘s Na’vi, Star Trek’s Klingon, and George R. R. Martin’s Dothraki.  You can also explore more here.

      Just for fun:  

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      The Hobbit Trailer is out!  Squeeeee!

      Bookish Quotes:

      by Airiz, via Cinderella in Combat Boots blog

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      10 Responses to “News & Notes — 10/05/13”

      1. Greg

        Nice links, lots of good stuff this week. I enjoyed the Rick Riordan article and the one on teens and the economy was interesting. Glad to see Ann Arbor made the list of good writer cities since I’m a Michigander. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

      2. Bea

        Oh that language video sounds interesting, I need to go watch it.

        Thanks for the link to GalleyCat’s directory, I submitted my information.

        • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

          Oh, good! You know, I was thinking about writers reading the blog, and totally forgot that some of y’all are editors! I hope you get some work through it. And yes, the language video is cool.

        • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

          Yes, those authors are a loss to the mystery and thriller community. I’m excited for the Meyers books, too, but need to get through the Lunar Chronicles first! (I know, Cress isn’t even out yet, but I need to read Scarlet first.)

      3. Rita_h

        Great job, Lark! I want to read so many of these interesting articles later. I read the news about Scribd, and it sounds amazing! As long as they keep adding new titles, you can read up to 10 titles a month for 8.99! That’s not even the cost of a lot of newly released e-books, so you save money if you read more than one book from there a month. Very exciting news. Thanks for sharing all this and I will be reading more from it now.

        • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

          I hope the Scribd thing works out. I’ve been saying for years that this is what’s needed – a subscription service. Of course, now I can barely keep up with the ARCs, so I’m not sure I should subscribe, but it’s a great concept.

      4. readerholicnotes

        I’m going to be interested in how the Scribd subscription service works. I guess it depends on how many books they have. Great list as usual, Lark!

        • Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

          Thanks! Yes, I’m going to be watching to see how it does and how many publishers they can convince to sign up. If the selection is wide enough, it would be worth the monthly fee!