Blogger Shame Review Challenge (2016)

December 28, 2015 Challenges 8

Blogger Shame

If you’ve been blogging for a while chances are you have a few (or more than a few lol) review books that have slipped through the cracks. Eeps! The Blogger Shame Review Challenge–cohosted by herding cats & burning soup and Addicted to Happily Ever After– is all about dusting off all of those forgotten review books and making them happen!

Hello, my name is Lark, and I am an ARC-oholic. 

I have a history of requesting ARCs that look really good, and then not having the time (or sometimes the inclination) to read them all. Right now, I have about 25 “older” ARCs whose publication date has come and gone without a review from me. I am increasingly embarrassed and even ashamed of this backlog.

Enter the Blogger Shame Review Challenge. The hosts know this problem very well, and they’ve devised a challenge to help us all deal with our secret shame. The challenge runs all year, and you set your own numerical goal. The only rule is that the review copy has to have been in your possession for 6 months or more. (Well, that, and you have to do a sign-up post and link up your reviews quarterly.) Any book format counts, and you can count your reviews toward other challenges as well.

I’m challenging myself to read and review 10 of my backlogged ARCs by the end of 2016. I also vow to eliminate some more titles by letting the publisher know I won’t be reviewing the book, since there are some I either started and didn’t like, or was sent without requesting them.

If this sounds like something you need, just click on the challenge button above, and link up!

8 Responses to “Blogger Shame Review Challenge (2016)”

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I have some I know I’m not going to read (or finish) and some I started during times when I was too stressed with work or whatever to really get into them. And then there are the ones I just never got around to. So thank you for hosting this challenge. It’s going to be good for me!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I think a whole lot of us (bloggers) are in the same boat. It’s so easy to request e-ARCs, and we end up with more than we can do, or titles we’re not that thrilled about once the first bloom wears off.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I’d like to get more than 10 done, but I know some are not going to appeal to me, so I gave myself a little wiggle room. As you say, good luck to us — to all of us!

  1. Lola

    Good luck! I am really excited for this challenge as I have so many old review copies that I’ve had for months if not years and I still haven’t read them. They look good and I say yes and then never get around to reading them. I am hoping to get some of them read this year.
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