Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies 2015 – Goals and sign-up

December 4, 2014 Challenges 6


I’ve participated in the Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies challenge for the last two years, and “won” both years. Because I enjoy reading cozy mysteries, I decided to sign up for 2015, too. Yvonne over at Socrates’ Book Reviews hosts the challenge (thanks, Yvonne!); she also reads and reviews a lot of cozies, so if you like mysteries, check out her blog.

The rules are pretty simple: To sign up, choose your challenge level, create a goals/sign-up post and add the link to the sign-up linky on the challenge post on Yvonne’s blog. Read cozies, and if you have a blog or a Goodreads account or something, add your link to the reviews linky on the challenge post. When you reach your goal, there’s a place to link your “goals met” post, too. And it’s polite to visit other people’s reviews – besides, you stumble across some pretty good books that way! (See full list of rules here.)

Yvonne leaves the definition of “cozy mystery” up to the reader, though she suggests checking if you’re not sure. I interpret it fairly loosely, so my definition includes classic authors like Christie and Marsh, and contemporary “cozy-police-procedurals” like Catherine Aird’s Inspector Sloan series as well as the lighter, fluffier “themed” mysteries so popular these days. I also include some historical mysteries, if they focus more on the puzzle than the violence.

My Goal: I more than met my goal of 13-19 books in 2014, so I’m upping the ante in 2015 and aiming for Level 4 – Sleuth Extraordinaire – 20 or more.  I have a backlog of mysteries I didn’t get to last year, some re-reads I’d like to squeeze in, and more than a few series I am following. so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to fit them in.

Here are some of the authors and series I want to read/catch up on in 2015:

  • Cathy Ace (Cait Morgan series)
  • Catherine Aird (Inspector Sloan series)
  • Connie Archer (Soup Lovers Mysteries)
  • Nancy Atherton (Aunt Dimity series)
  • Annette Blair (Vintage Magic series – paranormal cozies)
  • Rhys Bowen (Molly Murphy series; Royal Spyness series)
  • Lynn Cahoon (Tourist Trap mysteries)
  • Anne Canadeo (Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries)
  • Carola Dunn (Daisy Dalrymple series; Cornish Mysteries)
  • Dawn Eastman (Family Fortune series – paranormal cozies)
  • Charlotte & Aaron Elkins (Alix London art mysteries)
  • Charles Finch (the Charles Lenox historical mysteries, 1-6 plus the new one in 2015)
  • Victoria Hamilton (Merry Muffins series; Vintage Kitchen series)
  • Hockensmith & Falco (Tarot Mystery series, if they bring out a second one)
  • D. E. Ireland (Eliza Doolittle series)
  • Dixie Lyle (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – paranormal cozies)
  • Maggie Sefton (Knitting Mysteries)

Plus a few that don’t really  fit the “cozy” category but I might throw in there anyway: Laurie R. King, Deborah Crombie, Julia Spencer-Fletcher, Susan Elia MacNeal; Jacqueline Winspear.

I think that ought to keep me pretty busy, don’t you?


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    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I have six unread Charles Finch books on Kindle, and they all qualify for the COYER challenge also! (rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation)