#TrekAThon Wrap-Up Post

August 2, 2021 Challenges 4

The TrekAThon is hosted by Louise at Foxes and Fairy Tales

I did pretty well on the #TrekAThon! I managed to “beam up” all but one of the crew members. (Sorry, Yeoman Rand… but since your uniform is red, you were in jeopardy from the start.) I did have to count one book, Project Hail Mary, more than once for my “official” books (i.e., the one that fulfilled the prompt first or best.) I also counted some other books more than once, as additional books for other prompts, but only Project Hail Mary officially filled more than one prompt.

Here’s my final tally:

Captain Kirk (Commanding Officer) — Read a 5-Star prediction: Devil in Disguise (Lisa Kleypas)

  • Also Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir)

Commander Spock (Executive Officer/ Science Officer) — Read a Science Fiction book: Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir)

Lieutenant Sulu (Helmsman) — Read a book with a weapon on the cover: A Monstrous Regiment of Women (Laurie R. King) – reread. (Note: not all editions have a weapon on the cover, but the one I read does.)

Lieutenant Uhura (Communications Officer) — Read a book everyone’s talking about: ~ Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir)

Ensign Chekov (Navigator) — Read a YA or MG book: ~ Beauty (Robin McKinley) – reread

Doctor McCoy (Chief Medical Officer) — Read a book featuring death or a character injury: The Unknown (Heather Graham)

  • Also The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, A Monstrous Regiment of Women, A Letter of Mary, and O Jerusalem (Laurie R. King) – all rereads
  • Also The Forbidden (Heather Graham)

Yeoman Rand — Read a book with a red cover: FAIL.

Lieutenant Commander Scott (Chief Engineer) — Read a book either set somewhere you’ve never been or somewhere you’ve never read about: ~ The Forbidden (Heather Graham), since I’ve never been to New Orleans

  • Also Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir), since I’ve never been to space. NOTE: As the second book I read in July, counting this for the Scotty prompt allowed me to count this and other books for more than one prompt.
  • Also O Jerusalem (Laurie R. King), since I’ve never been to the Holy Land. Reread.

Nurse Chapel (Head Nurse) — Read a book with a face on the cover: ~ Guild Boss (Jayne Castle) has two people on the cover, and thus, two faces. NOTE: I initially thought of this as a cover that was mostly a face, but decided a more generous interpretation would allow for any cover with a person’s face on it.

  • The historical romances I read or reread this month would also qualify: Once a Laird (Mary Jo Putney), Devil in Disguise (Lisa Kleypas), and the entire Ravenels series (Lisa Kleypas.)

Thank you to Louise at Foxes and Fairy Tales for this entertaining challenge! If I participate again next year, I may try harder to read SF and fantasy books for all the prompts. It wasn’t necessary, but it would have been fun. That said, Project Hail Mary is SF, Beauty is fantasy, The Forbidden and The Unknown both contain ghosts, and Guild Boss is set on another planet has both SF and fantasy/paranormal elements… so five of my books fell somewhere in the SFF spectrum.

4 Responses to “#TrekAThon Wrap-Up Post”

  1. Katherine

    What a fun readathon! I love the prompts and you read some great books! I’ve got a few extra Audible credits and I’ve decided to splurge on the early Mary Russell books. I’ve been wanting to do a reread and that seems like the best way to do it.